UPDATE (3:29pm EST) – Toggl is up to speed now. We’ll keep on monitoring the situation. Apologies once more to all.

UPDATE (3:16pm EST) – Work in progress. Will keep you posted.

UPDATE (3:00pm EST) – Beefing up the server infrastructure while working on the fix. Situation should be getting better soon. Sadly no ETA yet. We really appreciate your patience!

UPDATE (2:47pm EST) – We’re still working to get things stable again. Sadly no ETA yet.

UPDATE (2:30pm EST) – Still experiencing slowdown. Please bear with us!

UPDATE (2:25pm EST) – Please refresh you browsers, Toggl should be accessible now. We’ll continue monitoring the situation.

UPDATE (2:15pm EST) – I’m sorry to say there is still no ETA. Will keep you posted.

UPDATE (1:56pm EST) – API and the Toggl itself are now up and running, but we’re still experiencing major slowdown. Working to get things up to speed.

NB! You can use Toggl Desktop even if it shows that you’re offline. Data will be synced back to servers later on.

UPDATE (1:42pm EST) – There is some progress, production machines accept requests again. Heavy load due to everybody trying to connect at once. Will update on ETA soon.

UPDATE (1:23pm EST) – There is still no ETA. We’re reverting back to the latest stable API version. We’re going to update this post every 15 minutes.

ORIGINAL MESSAGE (1:09pm EST) We’re really sorry to announce that Toggl is experiencing a server downtime at the moment.

It appears to be related to our API which is not behaving correctly under load. Our team of developers is working on the problem, we’ll keep you informed as the situation progresses.