Toggl has migrated to another server provider

Update #2. Toggl Desktop and mobile apps should work OK now.

Update. We’re having issues with Toggl Desktop and mobile apps, which are not able to log in. We’re working on the fix at the moment, meanwhile please use Toggl website to track time.

After 2 massive outages in 3 days we have made an emergency push and migrated all of our servers to Rackspace. Toggl is working for now, but some parts are still not operational. We’re working on these.

Once again, sincere apologies for all this. We appreciate your understanding and patience! This post will be updated.

By On August 10, 2011

  1. Hope everything is going smooth for you guys! I’m glad you’ve made the move to a rackspace cloud, and am anxious to see everything running smooth again.

  2. I am unable to login to toggl with my google account. It was working still yesterday.. I also tried the forgot password link and reset my password, but no result 🙁 Please help.

  3. No problem guys

    thank you for keeping us updated – technical problems can happen.
    Good luck with the provider migration !!!


  4. I have the log in page up but cannot log in??? If I deliberatley put in the wrong password I get an error message but when I put in the correct log in it just refreshes to a blank log in page????
    Is this a problem at your end?

  5. Gmail login seems to have stopped working, it takes me to an enable account page, and my google login doesn’t work there.

  6. I find that I have lost all of my data from today. Are there backups that are being restored? This is problematic as this is the main source of tracking my work.

  7. Thanks for the update. I’ve noticed that my Desktop now crashes as it tries to check my logged in status. Is this related to the server migration?