Improved tracking page

We are now rolling out a new and improved Toggl tracking (home) page. The roll-out is gradual, and should reach most of the users by the end of August.

The user interface has not changed, so on the outside everything looks exactly the same. Changes have been made in the backend, though, meaning that the new tracking page:

  • Loads at least 5 times faster than before;
  • Has complete offline support;
  • Synchronizes with Toggl Desktop and Mobile in real time.

With this, we wish you all a very productive Autumn as the holiday season is slowly coming to an end! 🙂

By On August 6, 2012

  1. Now, I have entries that are billable, but no dollar sign shows next to them. The main page is still buggy ever since you guys loaded whatever new code into it. When is this going to get fixed?

  2. I really like the realtime synchronizing, but it only seems to be working one way for me. I have a Nexus 7 tablet using your Android app and I also have Toggl running in Chrome on a PC. An entry on the tablet is instantly synced with Chrome on the PC, but an entry on the PC doesn’t seem to make it to the tablet every time. Do I have a setting wrong?

  3. @Damien, we’re investigating this. It may be that you have an older version of Toggl Desktop. As you’ve already contacted us directly then we’ll continue over e-mail.

  4. Toggl input seems not as nice anymore, manual edits to time entries tend to drop some of what I type, or be too picky about am/pm. I used to be able to type “2p” in the box for 2pm, but now it takes that as 2am. Liked it much better the old way…

  5. Toggle seems to be crashing & burning today – not only is it not synching he desktop app / online, but it has lost all my entries for the day – twice. I thought it was just a glitch, so I started over, after several entries, they are all gone again, and has me back to when I arrived at work trying to figure out which jobs I have completed, and how much time was spent on them. This is not good. I am evaluating this software (as I have been for while) to see if it is viable for the rest of my workplace, and up until now I was going to strongly suggest we implement it. Today’s issues have given me serious pause, we can not have this sort of thing happening here, the tracking is too crucial. I hope this is easily fixed, or proven to be an error on my part.

  6. I’d like to add to my previous comment that it takes that long now because the drop-down and overview only contain today’s task which mostly don’t contain what I’d like to continue. Please bring the old list back or make it at least configurable.