Improved Nova, new API, lots of fixes

A lot got done it the past two weeks. Here is a list of visible changes:

  • a task no longer needs a project, which means you can now create tasks without a project;
  • new API; both of our Nano timers and the new version of the iPhone application (will be released probably tomorrow) already use it;
  • changing project team members is more convenient;
  • a setting for the Basecamp integration to turn off task export;
  • time rounding in the weekly report;
  • Google signin and a lot of little fixes for the Nano Nova.

NB! For Toggl Desktop users: to update the application with the newest code, simply right-click inside the application and select “Reload” (this is only temporary, in the future updates, we’ll make it happen automatically):


Toggl Team

By On February 17, 2010

  1. I miss the Calculate function in the Nova interface.
    It happens quite often that I have to start after a while, and then correct the starting time. To calculate I now have to go online, right?

  2. Piero, tasks can only be assigned to a project. We don’t have plans to implement client-task connections, sorry.

  3. It’s really nice to have tasks that don’t need to be assigned to a project. Now it would be even better if we could assign them only to a client.

    Do I miss something? Right now I work around this with an “Ongoing” project for each customer.

  4. HTTParty.get(“”)

    I thought the new API couldn’t be worse than the one that existed before. Seems like I was wrong. Any reason why you’re not using standard HTTP headers or at least avoid to pass the secret in a GET request ???

  5. Great work guys! I’m new to Toggl in the past week or so.

    I use the desktop version and already love the new version which doesn’t require a project for a task! Yes! It really suits my job perfectly, where I run a law firm and working on loads of different things “management” things, but few of which are actual “projects” as such.

    Cool tool.

    I also really like the Nano Nova interface.

    Thanks for making one part of my job so much easier!