Improved features!

We have updated some of our features, see how you like them:

  • Reports: Changing the Date range automatically renews your report, no need to  click ‘Show’ for that anymore!

  • Sharing projects: Upon creating a new project, you can choose to share it with your whole team with one simple ticking of a box, no need to go back later and edit anything separately!


  • Decimal time: You can view your times in decimal numbers by exporting any report into an .xls file

  • Billable rates: All rates are now shown up to two decimal points in Reports, to ensure that all rates add up clearly and transparently.


  • Tags menu: is now much wider, so you can see the whole length of all your tags.

Keep up with us, new and improved features are constantly in process here in Toggl!

By On August 18, 2011

  1. @Victor: we changed the feature so that the filters do not get cleared any more again;

    @Daniel: the ‘no tags’ filter is back;

    @Ellie: Yes, the .xls export feature is a Pro account feature only

  2. Hi. I used one function really much that now is gone! When i make invoices i tag my time entries with a tag i call “Billed” and then i used the sorting “No tags” to see what projects that not is billed. Now that function is gone. Please put it back again.

    // Daniel

  3. I’m really pleased to see the decimal hours feature, but a little sad that it’s only visible on the XLS export.

    I’m a light user on a free plan right now, but I’d consider signing up to a Pro account if the decimal hours were displayed on the standard web-based reports. Ideally, there would be a setting (at the account level?) to say whether my reports would use hours and minutes or decimal hours, so as not to need to display both formats.

    Toggl makes it really easy for me to work out how I spend my time, but my employer makes me book my hours in their internal system which only accepts decimal hours, so I never deal in hours and minutes.

    Thanks for the step forward though.

  4. The things got worse: too less space for project name; reports page clears settings when switching between Project report, User report, etc.