How Toggl Helps Our Digital Marketing Agency Provide The Best Work


What is Toggl and what does it do? At Silverbean, we’re always looking for new methods and applications to employ in our work in order to improve the services we provide, and Toggl is the latest application to cross our path.

Basically, Toggl is a sort of time keeping tool, extremely simple to use but amazingly effective with it; in fact, the tagline for the app is ‘insanely simple time tracking.’ To use Toggl, all you have to do is enter your task into the system, start the clock and get going. Once you’re done with that task, in particular, you stop the clock and watch as the app logs how much time you spent on it.

By the end, you should have a comprehensive breakdown of everything you’ve done in the day and how much time you’ve spent on each. You can access information via a day by day breakdown as well as be provided with a useful overview of the entire week.

Clearly, the product’s tagline is bang on the money, it is insanely simple to use and offers many advantages to digital marketers. We’ve been using the app for a while after making the switch from Sonar, and we preferred the way Toggl runs immediately. Sonar, by comparison, was much more complicated to use and not everyone in the office was able to get a handle on it the way they have with Toggl, which is so much more easy to use, both in terms of practical application and appearance. We considered some of these advantages and how they benefit us, as well as proposing a few improvements that they app could benefit from in turn.

Firstly, the app is a great tool for increasing productivity. It allows us to overview how much time we spend on certain clients and help us to estimate how much time we will need to spend with a new client. It’s an excellent predictive tool, giving us the opportunity to effectively plan and understand our contracts, usage, and resources.

We were also able to appreciate it on a personal level; it helps us to monitor and decide on our Team Member of the Week and also helps us to keep track of our own projects and see how we’re managing our time as individuals. We hugely appreciated just how simple Toggl is to use; the visuals are clear and the inclusion of pie charts and other visual aids were very useful for producing our results. The simple interface and process of making complex tasks easier has made Toggl a firm favorite in our office.

There aren’t really any major downsides to Toggl, but a few minor issues did come up when we started using it. For one, some of our colleagues weren’t really comfortable with the idea of being monitored, which leads to paranoia and feelings of insecurity.

Obviously, this isn’t a criticism of the app itself, more recognition of the issues that are inevitable with a timekeeping app. However, it’s also a fact that time isn’t the only method of measuring performance; sometimes you need to devote more time to a specific project in order to ensure the best quality; other times working very quickly doesn’t mean that the quality is somehow less by contrast.

Overall, though, Toggl is a great tool for helping digital marketing agencies to provide the best work they can to their clients and within working lives of its employees. We plan to keep using it for certain. The fact that it’s free to use is just an added bonus really!

By On August 30, 2013