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Upgrade Now and Save 20% on All Toggl Plans

You’re already saving a lot of time with Toggl, why not save some money, too?

To celebrate the new year, we’re giving a 20% discount to everyone who signs up for an annual plan between December 27th and January 12th.

Already have an annual plan? Don’t worry — you can renew your subscription and still grab the discount!


Why upgrade?

With any annual plan you’ll get a host of awesome features to add to your time tracking:


On the Starter plan, you get flexible and detailed reports that you’ll feel good about sharing with your clients. You also get billable hours, so you can get paid for your time.

Pick Premium and you’ll get Toggl Insights — a tool that gives you a bird’s eye of which projects are profitable and helps you measure your team’s efficiency.

If you want even more out of Toggl, take a look at the Enterprise offering. This plan includes all our best tools, like scheduling reports to your inbox, locking time sheets and adding time as other users are just some of the features included.

To get your 20% discount, head over to the ‘All Plans’ view on your subscription page. To compare all the plans in detail, take a look here.


Happy Toggling!


The important details

  • Your workspace will receive 20% off for 12 months if it subscribes to the Starter Annual, Premium Annual or Enterprise Annual plan between December 27 2017 and January 12 2018.
  • The discount will be removed if the subscription is cancelled or changed to either monthly payments or a different plan.
  • If your workspace is already on any annual plan before December 27th, you can also get the discount for the next year if you ‘renew’ your annual plan. The new charge will take into account whatever balance you might have left on the workspace from before.
  • If you take advantage of the campaign, and then add new team members to your workspace after the end of the campaign, they will also be charged for at the discounted price.
  • If the Workspace is eligible for any other discounts, the greatest one is applied.



By On December 28, 2017

  1. My plan is set to automatically renew 1/9/18. Will the discount be applied, or do I have to manually renew it?

  2. The subscription page is the only way I can upgrade, and it is not showing the discounted price. ($20 per month for 2 users is the price shown.) When I click the link with the discounted price, it won’t let me sign up because I’m already a free user.

  3. Changed to annual payment in 2017, no avail, nothing changed, the billing continued to be monthly. I’ll give it another try now in 2018, hoping it will be processed correctly this year.

    Would be nice to get rid of this annoying red advertisement popup in the right corner.

  4. To renew, the only options are to upgrade or downgrade my subscription. It is not possible to renew my current subscription as stated in the blog post.

  5. Are you by any chance on our Old Pro plan? (if your subscription started before March 2016, you most likely are) As that plan is being phased out, unfortunately this campaign is only available on our Starter, Premium and Enterprise plans.