Helpful hints #4: Using Toggl Desktop

Today we’ll talk a bit about the basics of using Toggl Desktop.

Log in with your Toggl username and password, set the first day of the week and let’s get started.

To start tracking time you have 2 options:

  • Click on the task name below – Toggl continues tracking for this task.
  • Click on the project name below – Toggl creates a new task for the project. You can enter the description of the task in the box as usual.

Toggl Desktop start using

Once the task is running, you can start or stop the timer by clicking on the good old Toggl button Toggl button

Now, if you want to change task details, you can click on the Edit link in the running task box. This will open up the editing view, where you can change everything about the task (similar to Toggl web).

Toggl Desktop earlier task

After editing the task, click on Save.

Toggl Desktop edit task

Enjoy, and please don’t hesitate to give us feedback!

By On September 19, 2007

  1. I just read your blog and was very impressed at how in touch you are and your attention to detail. I was also impressed that you included some charm to your blog rather than the same old robotic writing I see from everyone else. We would love to have you write us a WebWatcher article sometime.

  2. I was tracking todays tasks with the newest version and suddenly it stopped tracking (gray icon) and when I looked at the task list they were all gone.

    They are in the web side but I can’t bring them back to the desktop 🙁 why does this happen? is it a feature?

  3. We had a bug with previous version of Toggl Desktop, which caused the timer to stop randomly after the midnight had passed. It should be fixed in the newest available version.

  4. Toggl desktop keeps ending my task, at apparently random intervals, even when I’m working on the machine. The little button turns grey, without me stopping the task manually, nor quitting toggl desktop.

    Any idea what could cause this?

  5. Hello Ali, you don’t need to close tasks in Timer or Toggl Desktop. You can hide them if you don’t want to see the old tasks any more. Tasks that have no time entries for the last 7 days will be automatically hidden.

  6. Any news on the proxy fix for the Desktop version? I would love to be able to use this where I work and I have no choice but to go through the proxy. Do you guys need help with getting stuff like this done?

  7. Another vote here for Mac widget support for Toggl, I’ve just started using it & would love to control it from my desktop.

    Excellent looking product.