Helpful hints #2: Completing a task

Completing tasks is the next big questionmark for many Toggl users after manual time entry, so this is what our next tutorial is about.

Marking a task as completed is useful to keep the Tasks for today bar uncluttered. This way you can clear away the tasks you won’t need to track time on anymore this day.

To begin, you have to have at least one task.
Completing a task #0

Step one is very simple. Just click somewhere on the task to expand the view. You will then see the links for completing or deleting the task or changing its date.

Now click on the Task completed link.
Completing a task #1

In step two click on the Yes in the confirmation popup if you’re sure. This will mark the the task completed and hide it from the Tasks for today column.
Completing a task #2

Done! The completed task is now removed from the Tasks for today column and you have a link to the reports section (if the task had today’s date).
Completing a task #3

We recommend to close the tasks daily and make new ones the next day. This way you can always get aggregated information from the reports.

There are some ideas to make the task-handling more seamless in upcoming releases but more of that later on.

By On August 20, 2007

  1. It seems like you can’t mark tasks as completed anymore. Why exactly is that? The best suggestions I’ve heard is to mark a task as “inactive” but I don’t quite like it.

  2. Hi JMG,

    You can do that by locating the task in a report and clicking on its description. This will open the Edit task window where you have a button for re-opening it 🙂


  3. Hi Jaren,

    We actually do have a plan for making completing tasks absolutely effortless in one of the future versions of Toggl, so keep a look out 🙂


  4. Hi. I have a suggestion. It would be helpful if there were a way to “select all” for completing a task, rather than having to click each individual project. Thanks. P.S. VERY cool product.

  5. Hi. This is a good tip. I’ve used toggl for a while and find it a bit hard to keep track when I just keep working on my ongoing project the next day (setting estimated work to eg. 100 hrs). Now I am working on a weekly basis. Works better, and decrease the overhead I think your approach have. If there was a “start working day” – feature that suggest the tasks/projects I worked on yesterday, and give me the opportunity to add or remove tasks before starting my working day your approach had been the best. Without doubt.

    Keep up the good work. Toggl help me in my daily MS project server challenge:-)