Helpful hints #1: Manual time entry

One of the most frequent questions we get is about changing time of Open Task. So here is a step-by-step tutorial about the issue.

Step one – you need an open task. It doesn’t matter if it’s running or not.

Changing time #1

Step two, click on the time (either running or stopped). This is what you should see. Click on the Stop the time link and let’s continue.

Changing time #2

Step three. Enter the new time for the task. Easiest is to use 23 for 23 minutes, or 1,5 for 1:30 hours. You can enter time in many ways – more formats are described in the FAQ.

Changing time #3

Final step – Press Enter or click anywhere on the screen to save the entry. That’s it!

By On August 15, 2007

  1. I don’t have this “Task Completed” option… I’ve tried everything, but it looks like there’s just a simple list of tasks, and no way to make it be a detailed one where this function seems to live… argh

  2. I have been needing something like Toggl, but I need this piece as well:

    >>I would like to suggest a feature to enter time by specifying start and end time.

    >>for instance : “12:15-13:00? would mean 0.75h

    I could manually enter the start hour, or it could (even better) run off my computer clock. That would be a great addition.


  3. I would like to suggest a feature to enter time by specifying start and end time.

    for instance : “12:15-13:00” would mean 0.75h

  4. […] Completing tasks is the next big questionmark for many Toggl users after manual time entry, so this is what our next tutorial is about […]

  5. Thanks for starting a “helpful hints” series – sometimes I’ve used some features for such a long time, that I didn’t even notice little new updates, or more efficient ways to enter my times…

    Take Care,