Help Us Pick The Winner – Toggl Team’s Video Challenge

Toggl Challenge, Istanbul
Anna-Liisa & Annika trying to capture the essence of Toggl in Istanbul, Turkey.

For the last 3 years we have traveled with our whole team to some foreign country and spent a week working on some interesting and unusual task. We call it Toggl Challenge (read more about it here – and this year it took place in Istanbul, Turkey. We had 6 teams and every team had to produce a video with maximum of 2 minutes that would capture the “essence of Toggl”.

Now, fellow togglers, we need your help to pick the winner of this year’s Challenge. See the videos below and upvote your favorite ones in Youtube!

By On April 28, 2014

  1. Adventure – just saw you post about bringing back the old toggl. Not too long ago I would have agreed with you, still miss the fixed columns, but after using the new toggl for about about a month now, I wouldn’t go back. Toggl has made great strides in usability and features, and now I have to admit that even the window dressing (colors) seem so fresh and uplifting, the old toggl looks drab and uninviting. Believe me, as Toggl support will attest, that I was very upset about the changes at first, but I believe they’ve come through with “flying colors”. Force yourself to use the new toggl for 2-3 weeks and try out all the new features and you might be a convert like me. MT, J

  2. #5 – captured the magic and beauty of the new toggl, while showing the humanity-based company that has provided this incredible yet basic tool.