Hello Toggl, Goodbye Old!

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As you all know, the new interface for Toggl has been long in the making. We have added all the main functions from the old interface and introduced several new, cool ones. We have many plans that will make Toggl an even better time tracking tool but that means we have to focus on only one, not two versions. So, without further ado, here’s the announcement.

As of Today we have switched the Toggl domains. There is no “New Toggl” anymore. If you log in to this is the way forward – the New Way. All improvements will be added to this version and we intend not to stop any time soon.

The old Toggl interface can still be reached at – this will be available until the end of June. We’ll announce the exact date at a later time. There will be no further development in the old version and we’ll only do basic maintenance on it. So I suggest you all familiarize yourselves with the new features – we have a lot of information in the Knowledge Base and several product videos so you can get up to speed really fast.

As always, please report any issues via the feedback-function within Toggl – we love to hear back from you!

By On March 25, 2014

  1. Epic fail. Though, there’s no comparable utility out there. Best of the worst. As soon as the void’s filled, I’m jumping ship on this hipster shyt. Someone just wanted to justify their existence and killed an awesome product.

  2. i stayed on the old toggl as long as i could because the new design is so passive i can’t quickly identify anything like i use to. this week i tried looking for alternatives… i’m still using it but it’s harder to get work done quickly. the color scheme needs work, the default layout ‘comfortable’ is way too large that i don’t think i ever scrolled on the old toggl. the total hrs worked, which is important to me is not way at the bottom out flanked by that stupid meaningless bar. the pie chart was more direct and instantly evaluated. in short it’s not a improvement at all. miss.

  3. I completely agree with the above comment about neatly lining all of the projects. The current scattered column of colours is haphazard and annoying to use on a day to day basis.

    Could you please implement one of the following:

    1. Offer the option to flip the layout and have all of the project names to the left to the task column?

    2. Allow people to have a coloured dot to represent a project rather then the whole name (Todoist do this beautifully).

    It’s a small change, but visually it would be a huge improvement.

  4. Rather than just complaining that I have to use the new design, I’m going to describe what I actually want to see changed.

    1. Currently, You’re hiding the Continue and Tags buttons until the user mouses over the row. this is known as Mystery Meat Navigation, and normally leads to a poor user experience. You should show the buttons even if the mouse isn’t hovering over those rows.

    2. In the old version , all of the projects lined up in a nice horizontal line. I think that the interface would look nicer if they lined up in the same way.

    I’ll post more things as I think about them.

  5. Ugh! It has been months. Software still sticks information in the wrong place, refresh is laggy and incomplete, this is a failed effort and I have, unfortunately had it with the flat displays. Flat stinks. Gray tones on white stink. Tiny fidgety half-visible buttons stink. Maligned columns stink. Color choices look like painted fingernails on gray-skinned zombies hanging at the mall. Try editing project colors if you have more than one page of projects…yes, the software cannot remember where you were after pressing return. High school level UI.

  6. I really dislike the new interface esp. when entering times manually the autocomplete always kills silently times. I absolutely hate this, and it is unproductive.

    Is it possible to switch to the old interface?