Getting better every day

We just released a new major version (0.11). It features several enhancements and fixes, most importantly:

  • Longer task descriptions (these are actually dynamic)
  • Weekly timesheet report
  • Opera support


By On March 28, 2007

  1. Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you guys. But now for the answers:

    first off, Kudos, basic functionality is free and always will be. We will add some Premium features in the future and those features will have a small charge, but what is free now, will be so later also 🙂

    Jan, we’ve fixed that problem with the invitations so the links should work now.

    Erik, at the moment toggl unfortunately has no mobile support, but we have thought of it and will start working on it in the future 🙂

    ChrisW, at the moment Toggl doesn’t store every start and stop time for a task, but as we’re constantly trying to improve Toggl, it might do so a bit later on.

  2. I’ve been waiting for a killer app to do this for years– this tool really has potential! I’m excited about the possibilities, but do you have any documentation? The interface makes sense, once you figure out that Projects spawn Tasks, and that you can comment to identify each separate task as it’s created.

    I’ve also learned that you can edit times (stop the timer and click on the time field) but to be careful about formatting– enter hh:mm only. If I enter mm:ss as I enter times, it’s interpreted as hh:mm, which makes it difficult to explain why I took 56 hours and 32 minutes for lunch.

    My workflow is that I keep tasks open all day, and add to them as I go. Then, I close down (Task Completed) all tasks at close of business, and start new tasks the next day (even if they’re the same physical task… this helps make sure time is logged for the correct day.) I made up non-billable “personal” projects for things like lunch and workout, and I have “office” projects for stuff like email and organization. I love the idea that I can report on all my time, but I’m thinking of doing some custom work in Excel to handle hh:mm:ss as increments of time rather than Date/Time fields– and I’m hoping for time to create an Access database solution.

    Does your software store start and stop times for tasks? The “stopwatch” timers are excellent for counting up time, but I can see where it might be useful to know that my two billable hours for a given task occurred between 18:00 and 20:00 GMT on 5/4/07.

    Thanks for a nifty tool. I’m looking forward to using it with other members of our team to log time collectively.

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  4. Does it work with Opera Mini on a mobile phone? I’m always on the road and Toggl’s mobile support will be appreciated. Thanks!

  5. I really like this tool, but I have a question before becoming too dependant on it, are there plans to start charging for it at any point?