Get Things Done with the New Toggl iOS App

Our goal at Toggl is to make time tracking as effortless as possible. Today I am thrilled to introduce you new Toggl iOS app — the simplest time tracker to help you get things done.


A brand new app

This is a completely new and separate Toggl app in the App Store. To be able to use it, you’ll need to download it from the App Store and log in with your existing Toggl account (or create a new if you are not a Toggl user yet). Support for the old app (one you probably have installed right now) ends in December 2017. We recommend that you remove the old one once you’ve set up the new Toggl app!

Why use Toggl on mobile?

Fastest way to track time

Typing is one of the most annoying and time-consuming parts of the mobile experience. Why should you have to type in what you’re doing all over again, especially if you are doing the exact same thing every day, or every week, at the same time? With a brand new suggestions view you don’t. You’ll be able to find time entries suggested by the app itself, based on your habits and previous entries. Just tap continue and you are tracking!

To start a new time entry, tap a green start button at the bottom right corner. Easily type in all the necessary information — description, project, task, and/or tags — into a single line. The app offers you suggestions right away once you start typing.

Suggestions and Log view


To create new time entries even faster, use shortcuts to quickly add a project/task and/or tags to your time entry:

  • To add a project/task: type @ followed by the project name
  • To add tag: type # followed by the tag name

 For example, ‘Quit slacking @time management #toggl’. Honestly, logging your hours can’t get any simpler.

Track your time on the go

Forgot to start or stop your timer? Been there, done that. One of our goals is to give users a great cross-platform experience. With Toggl you can access your time entries and tasks simultaneously on mobile, web and desktop. And you can track your time anywhere — at work, at home, at school, just name it — your data is always in sync.

Distraction-free design

Time management takes up a great part of our lives which is why we have completely redesigned the whole app’s user interface. We designed the new app striving for the best iOS experience, so you can stay motivated and organized with Toggl’s intuitive and beautiful tracker.

Before & after: New edit view is more concise to give you an instant overview of your time entries.


It’s important to stay focused, hence we changed the whole flow of how new time entries should be created. Instead of forcing a user to edit every detail and piece of information separately, we created one flow that user needs to create a new entry.

Before & after: It took a lot of steps to create a new time entry with all the necessary information. Now you can type all the details into a single.


This is just the beginning of a new and powerful time tracking tool. We’d really like to hear what you think about the update to make Toggl apps even better. Send us an email at


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By On December 11, 2017

  1. Toggl and the mobile app (iOS) was really amazing. My people found it completely frictionless to use and helpful in areas that they chose to manage a little more closely.

    I have some guesses about this new app:
    – the designer or product owner has never run a business – as a leader or independent
    – the designer or product owner does not use the key features of this app to manage their time
    – either: zero user research was done prior to release of this app OR the user research findings were ignored by leadership
    – (hopefully least likely) this was released with diminished value to establish a new feature baseline so that value can be reintroduced at a cost

  2. I have removed the old app and downloaded the new update from the App Store. I have an I phone yet every time I try to open toggle it tells me that this app is no longer valid. It takes me on a continuous cycle to downloading the new toggl app.

    I can still get into it but have to go thru the App Store overtime. Any suggestions?

    I too like many others are not overly thrilled with the new update.

  3. I am beyond disappointed in the new app. The inability to add new projects on the app, to record time manually(the slider only works in 45 minute intervals and is a joke to try to get correct) and the UI is so cumbersome and impossible to use I am hunting for a different time tracking options. You’ve taken away the ease of use and functionality of this app that the old one had. Very disappointing.

  4. This IOS update is the worst. I had hoped to start the new year using it on my IPhone for time tracking – that’s definitely not happening! It smacks of a deployment rushed to production because management had a hard deadline and wouldn’t listen to the dev team.

    1. The download from the app store is weird. It stops at 75%, but the app downloaded seems to work.
    2. The resolution on the slider for hours worked is too discrete. Trying to enter an exact time worked is like playing Battleship! – you guess and hope that you hit the target.
    3. The hours worked is limited to 12. That’s not acceptable – 20% of my job time is done in the 16-20 hour workday range (I’m a developer and process architect).
    4. Trying to edit a date on a job entry is impossible.
    5. Trying to run a report doesn’t work for anything except the current period. When I select “last week” – nothing happens and there’s no apply/confirm button for my change of dates.

    This app needs to be rolled back – it’s not ready for prime time.

  5. How do you enter a manual time without the timer running? I can enter a manual start time and drag the duration slider (which is not easy to use and thus slows the whole entry process down) but the timer keeps running after I set a duration so I end up with some amount of seconds added to each entry. I almost always use a manual entry to record my hours after completing them so the loss of this ability makes this app useless for me.

    If I am missing something please let me know, otherwise please fix manual time entries ASAP! Also please get rid of duration slider; it’s inefficient and it maxes out at 12 hours (I sometimes work more that 12 hours and would prefer to be able to enter any amount of time rather than have some arbitrary limit).

    If you can’t fix these solutions immediately, you could let us continue using the old app (which wasn’t broken to begin with) until you can fix the new one. If these issues aren’t fixed soon I will have to find a new app.

  6. Honestly like the old one better. Too much of a pain to use this new version. I have to go edit the thing every time I want to just add a comment. I like the old one! Not to mention I lost 2 weeks of stuff. This is way more difficult and slower to use

  7. Just 2 wishes !
    1. Make good IOS app with team reports for admin/manager, just users own reports are not enough.
    2. Make filling hours to toggl in PC even easier than today, but don’t make big sudden moves to wrong direction, test changes well.

  8. Please see my Twitter comments. This new release is incredibly frustrating with a counter intuitive and downright inefficient UI. Additionally you have removed features like granular start and stop time modifications to entries as well as only being able to see times in 24 hours.

    – Can’t set a specific end time on an entry. Can only modify duration.
    – Incredibly maddening UI trying to drag an inaccurate slider up and down and can’t get actual granularity better than 5 minutes.
    – Time is in 24 hour only why?!?!
    – App freezes while simultaneously syncing and attempting to take an action within the app. For instance syncing and stopping or starting a running timer.
    – App freezes while trying to stop a running entry. Killing the app and restarting it remains frozen on the last rendered screen as it appears to be trying to reuse the same screen rather than rerendering from scratch.
    – Putting frequent logs as the first screen is a waste of my life. I now I have to swipe down to get to the previous entries which is what I really care about because I’m usually restarting a timer continuing a previous day not reusing an entry from last month just because it was most used.
    – Swiping down to my log, I go to continue a entry by tapping the play icon, list reorders mid tap and it starts the wrong entry. Old UI was perfect and the new one is buggy and requires more actions to achieve my same goal of restarting a log
    – I can’t even use the old app because it has a huge call to action to upgrade over where the timer start / stop should be.
    – Did you guys even test this out with real users before your UX guru told you it was the best? I know this is the internet and people are hyperbolic all the time, but I mean this with all my heart: you should fire your UX person who designed this. Wholesale replacement. They are clearly more concerned with the latest design fad than they are with putting themselves in the shoes of the actual user.

  9. New app is much more difficult to use and enter time. Please bring back manual time entry option, similar to old app, which does not force a running timer, to then be stopped, for final submission of time entry. New app is very disappointing.

  10. Thanks all for the feedback!

    We’re working hard to get the Reports update live – hoping to ship it this week so stay tuned!

    Please keep posting your thoughts, we want to keep working on the app to make sure it’s perfect – any and all feedback is greatly appreciated 🙂