Get Early Access to Toggl Business Plan – Sign Up for Testing Now!

Update: As of February 2017, Toggl Business is known as the Enterprise plan. Have a look here to compare all our existing subscriptions!


Our brand new plan, Toggl Business, will be launched this Fall – complete with 7 exclusive features. We believe in incremental launches, so we will be shipping the features one by one as we complete them ahead of the final launch.

We are looking for 100 early testers – togglers who are excited about  using  new things and want to have first access to the Business plan features.


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • you will be the first to see and use the brand new Toggl Business functionalities
  • you can use the Business features for the price of the Pro plan ($5 / user / month) until the beginning of November
  • when the final package is launched, you will be able to buy the Business plan for half its regular price!


All we would like from you, is that you let us know when something is ‘broken’ or confusing in your account regarding the new feature(s).

We expect the first feature to become available in July, and new ones will be added every couple of weeks until the official big launch.

Send us a message by July 1st via your Toggl account help page and we’ll set you up.


Looking forward to doing new stuff with you!

Liisa Toompuu

Liisa Toompuu is our product lead for Toggl Business.

By On June 22, 2015

  1. Hi Peter, thank you for taking the time to get back to us!
    You can set individual team member rates as part of the Pro plan – that doesn’t require any extra subscription. More details here:
    I understand the Business plan is not for everyone, we do have an interim package coming up in the spring – where you can select one Business feature to complement your Pro plan, for a significantly lower price. Keep an eye out!

  2. Wow. Everything looked good until I saw the price tag of $50/user for Business. No Way! That is the same price or more for full blown PM services we have tried and used. There is just no way we would pay more than $10 per user. We love the timer but common guys. With the amount of comments on here voicing the same opinion you might rethink how many $50 users it takes to make up for the lost revenue of those who would pay $10/user for the same. Anyway, are you also telling me that I cannot set the rate for an individual user unless we purchase business? If that is the case we might not even be able to make your solution work for us.

  3. Saw the emailed reports as an option in my dashboard.. oh it’s a Toggl Business feature, cool. $59 per user per month. Did I just read that right? Gotta be joking.

  4. I hate to say it but the more our staff looked at the writing on the wall for Toggl Basic (I mean Toggl Pro) the more we realized that we had to move on. We will be evaluating some reasonably priced alternatives — and there are many – and moving on. Good bye Toggl, we liked you the way you were! We never wanted a full do it all SaaS app at $50 per user per month.

  5. Another fairly happy business owner running Toggl Pro for staff — glad to see a roadmap with useful improvements but if you think you can rollout a few new features and call this Toggl Business and charge $49 or $59 per month, per user, then you have seriously miscalculated your position in the marketplace. You will also quickly be losing us as customers, especially when you start dumbing down the Pro version.

  6. I think the users have spoken pretty clearly, charging 50/user/month puts you out of contention completely and I would be surprised if you convert a single customer. Listen to your customers, this is pure fantasy and is not going to end well. It certainly appears it will have the opposite effect, customers will be leaving in droves, spooked by what circumstances exist that made you think this would possibly be a reasonable thing to do.

  7. as many users i can only recommand to rethink the pricing of toggl busines! it would be ok if you can mix business and pro users, so you can buy more features for the people who need them, but also in this case 59 per month is way to much, 10 to 15 is ok. But for the whole team we’ll never pay 59, that more than 1000% price increase. sorry.

  8. The $50 price tag per user and month sounds crazy. It just gives me the felling, that the time of improvement for the pro account is over. New interesting features will come on business only, to justify the pricing. “GetHarvest” offers the same features and more (e.g. invoicing and offer creation from estimates) for much less! Please reconsider and keep innovating for your current user base.

  9. Thanks, @Morten, @Rupe and @Libby for the additional comments, also.

    We have analyzed the market carefully and have seen that there is demand for a more fully-packed tool at this price point.

    We definitely don’t want to drive away existing customers, so I want to assure everybody that progress of the Pro plan will not stop with the coming of Toggl Business.

    There is much to be done all around 🙂

  10. @Dmitriy Shevchenko – agreed
    @Davor Pihač – good points, your business model is broken

    I have been using toggl for its ease of use for staff via the phone apps (although there is no native windows phone app, but a good privately developed app), but have been concerned by the lack of features such as those you are currently proposing we pay an exceptionally high price for, many of which should be basic included features (like locking timesheets) – if this is an indicator of the direction that toggl is taking in both pricing and features I will be looking at other services.