Update: As of February 2017, Toggl Business is known as the Enterprise plan. Have a look here to compare all our existing subscriptions!


Our brand new plan, Toggl Business, will be launched this Fall – complete with 7 exclusive features. We believe in incremental launches, so we will be shipping the features one by one as we complete them ahead of the final launch.

We are looking for 100 early testers – togglers who are excited about  using  new things and want to have first access to the Business plan features.


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • you will be the first to see and use the brand new Toggl Business functionalities
  • you can use the Business features for the price of the Pro plan ($5 / user / month) until the beginning of November
  • when the final package is launched, you will be able to buy the Business plan for half its regular price!


All we would like from you, is that you let us know when something is ‘broken’ or confusing in your account regarding the new feature(s).

We expect the first feature to become available in July, and new ones will be added every couple of weeks until the official big launch.

Send us a message by July 1st via your Toggl account help page and we’ll set you up.


Looking forward to doing new stuff with you!

Liisa Toompuu

Liisa Toompuu is our product lead for Toggl Business.