How to Keep Your Clients Coming Back

We regularly send our people out to meet other Togglers. Our support guru Triin went to the Netherlands, and came back with a few valuable lessons on customer relationships.


There will never be an easy formula for building excellent customer relations, but I believe they don’t come to be by accident.

I decided to find out and asked some of our great users I met in the Netherlands about what they do to keep their customers coming back to their business.

The moment I penned down my first thoughts, I realized the question wasn’t about how to get your clients coming back – the right question to ask is how to genuinely be engaging and interesting enough?

This is what I picked up:

Success starts from within

User Experience is closely reflected by a company’s culture, and it’s people. Opinions are formed based on the personal experience value, and based on that choices, relationships and loyalties are born.

The key question you should be asking here is “what kind of experience are we as a company?” What are the things we care the most about, which we will not hesitate to show to and share with the world?

“The key question you should be asking is what kind of experience are you as a company?”

Furthermore, it’s critical for every company to create a loyal and lifelong learning environment for teams, so that they can continually be exposed to new ideas and thereby stay relevant. Especially as we’re forced to deal with shorter attention spans in the digital age.

Create a strong culture of feedback

Knowing who your audience is and what they like is the cornerstone of every business. In order to understand your customers, you really have to participate in their conversations. You can’t remain a bystander.

To do this, create a strong culture of feedback that improves the quality of your work. It’s the users who will provide you with the right ideas. If your ideas stick, you will not just reach out, but you will reach through.

Always deliver what you promise

When you know more about your users you can also customise your communication with them. This is definitely not an excuse to start spamming your users.

In simple terms, customers want personal relationships and contact with the more human, honest and value-driven companies. The keyword here is teamwork – always work together with your client. Their goals are your goals.

The most effective teams rely on a high level of trust. Your customers need to know that you deliver on what you promise. This will in turn make them into returning visitors.

Out support your competitors

Back in 2013, an Oracle report found that as many as 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience.

When you can’t out-spend your competitors, try to out-support them. Excellent support will ensure your customers’ involvement in the co-creation of your future offerings. Great support staff will always be focused and fast, but gentle at the same time.

“When you can’t out spend your competitors, try to out support them.”

Kind words may cost little, but they are actually worth a lot.

Teach your clients how to fish for life

When things are looking up for your kick-ass team and a kick-ass product, it’s time to offer your clients something they need and something you have lots. That something is your expertise – and proven tools. Share it wisely and you might just end up being the fish to catch.

Good luck!


What do you do to stand out from the crowd? Share your success story in the comments below!

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By On May 6, 2015