FreshBooks integration has arrived!

Great news for everybody who have patiently waiting for us to integrate with FreshBooks invoicing. We have finally done it!

Integration with FreshBooks is very similar to our Basecamp integration: it imports clients, projects, tasks and exports time entries.

FreshBooks integration is available for Pro workspaces and in the new version only. You can find the settings and “Synchronize” button when you go to “Settings” -> “Integration”.

Let us know if it works for you!


Toggl Team

By On November 3, 2010

  1. Hi,

    The integration seems to be working, but no clients are imported? Is that normal? Do I have to create clients with the same name or they’re supposed to be imported when synchronized?

    Thank you!

  2. @Miren – Time entries must be assigned to a task for the export to work.

    @Gary – Users must have projects in FreshBooks, so the integration module can import/bind them with Toggl projects. Otherwise Toggl would export all the projects to FreshBooks, which is not something that all our users want. If you have your projects created in FreshBooks, then you can sync all your time entries to FreshBooks.

    We troubleshooted Arif’s issue and the time was not exported because time entries did not belong to tasks.

  3. This is great news! Because it hopefully means you have time to move forward with Harvest integration. 🙂

    Thanks for keeping Harvest on your to-do list!

  4. This has been a popular request, and I was very excited to this headline. But I am massively disappointed, no projects or time keeping were exported from Toggl to Freshbooks.

    I, along with Miren in the previous comments, use Toggl to manage time via Tasks. I keep my invoicing and estimates within Freshbooks. It seems that Toggl wishes only to *import* from Freshbooks, rather than *export*. Is this a move so as to keep users locked into Toggl?

    If so your interpretation of the synch request between Toggl and Freshbooks may be a disappointment to many users.

  5. Cool! It seems to have imported Clients and Projects correctly, but I can’t make it export time entries. Also, I would probably have expected to *export* clients and projects, because I create them into Toggl first as I start working on tasks…