Addressing Your Feedback On New Toggl

Addressing Feedback on new toggl

We really appreciate your feedback on the new version of Toggl! Our recent blogpost received a record number of comments, and there has also been a massive amount of direct feedback.

As there were a number of concerns you voiced, I’d like to clarify a few of the issues:

  • The old version is still available here We’ll keep it running until the end of June. Please let us know if you’d like to postpone this date for any reason (important features still missing from the New, user training takes time, etc)
  • Percentages in reports. Many of you miss the percentage breakdown of pie charts in the summary reports, we have plans to put it back.
  • Actual vs. estimated time for tasks. This is also something we intend to add.
  • Visual should be more contrasted, and there is too much empty space. Please try the compact view ( As for the color-scheme, the general look will stay this way. There will be improvements in the areas where specific UI elements are not well readable.
  • Project list is not aligned. This is something that we’re considering to improve, but there are no specific plans yet.
  • Integrations and multi-language support. Both are in the works, we are aiming to release the first version of integrations already in April.
  • Support for older browsers (IE9 etc.). Internet Explorer 9 is over 3 years old by now, which in terms of technological advance is a very long time. That is why this browser is not supported, and we recommend to upgrade to IE10 or IE11 if possible.

Also, your feedback has revealed several bugs that we keep fixing constantly. I can assure you that we listen to every bit of feedback you give us. Please note that reacting to user feedback with technical changes takes time, but it doesn’t mean that we are not working on updates. The first version of New Toggl was publicly released last August (, and we’re still improving hundreds of small details which you, our users, have pointed out. This work will carry on for the foreseeable future, so there will be a constant improvement of the app.

Please write to us directly – to get assistance on how to better use the new version. Also, please check our Knowledge Base for detailed instrutions on New Toggl –

If you have made a yearly pre-payment, and would like to cancel your account because of the upgrade, then please contact us.

By On March 31, 2014

  1. I hate the autocomplete silent “killing of time” when I manually enter/modify entries. That is really really bad. I would prefer to keep the old, because the new interface is unproductive for me.

  2. I agree with all the ongoing criticisms. My company is currently researching other timetracking apps and will be switching away from Toggl, pending improvements and the reintroduction of breakdowns of time spent on projects by task (which is critical for our project management purposes). However, the switch and training tim on a new app (not to mention, the new Toggl) is an expense I wish I didn’t have to undertake.

    Your breezy, “sorry, not addressed yet, will be at some point, we’re still going to eliminate the Old Toggl in June” email responses are maddening.

    You’ve put it out there that you’re willing to delay implementation until these issues are resolved, but you’re clearly not willing. Very frustrating and shows an odd lack of regard for customer service.

  3. I realize that we’re all hammering on you guys, but that’s just our frustration talking. Many of us work in software and design so we know what we’re talking about. Our feedback is critically important and should be taken far more seriously.
    Don’t stick your head in the sand and pretend it’s going to be alright. It’s not. Once you kill the old Toggl for good, you’re going to lose ALOT of customers. Startups come and go. Another one will come along and take over the market share that you guys are leaving behind.

  4. First off it is nice that Toggl has address some of these issues, however there are still things that are majorly lacking. I work in web development and in graphic design and yeah this is a huge eyesore.

    Second all the compacting does is change the spacing between lines?! ha it only changes about 10 pixels. New Toggl still sucks.

    Sorry to be blunt but come on Toggl look at what your users are saying…
    QUIT TRYING TO BE TRENDY everyone is over it, Toggl is a time tracking app! Not some hipster tumblr blog. Come on now at least give users a choice between the old and the new. Otherwise it looks like Toggl will have a list of customers lining up to find a new product.

  5. I’m still using the old Toggl until I figure out what to replace it with. I’ve tried multiple times to use the new Toggl, but it’s way more work than it’s worth. In fact, my employees say hand-written time sheets would be a step up from having to use the new Toggl! If that’s not taking a quantum leap backwards, I don’t now what is.

    I just hope that Toggl comes to it’s senses before they jump off the cliff and find themselves struggling to stay afloat. What you created with the original Toggl was fantastic! I was willing to put up with a few minor glitches because your tool was so great. It was the first app, in 6 years of trying various things, that I could actually get everyone at my company to use!!! Do you know how big that is? If I can’t get my employees to enter their time as they go, I miss billing opportunities and my production archive is less accurate.

    Boo hoo….breaking up is hard to do!!!

  6. Any progress on putting these simple reports back?
    I am trying to get a quick overview on a project (time spent vs time estimated divided per task line) which is a nightmare in this new toggl.

  7. I feel like I’m a bit late to the party on this, but after using the new toggl I’m just not happy. The new interface has made it much more difficult to enter time. On old toggl I could have a new entry done in a few simple steps: Type what I’m doing, tab to the project and type a character or two then hit enter which automatically selected the top result. If I’m entering manually there’s just one more quick step. I can have an entry done in literally two seconds.

    On the new interface, I enter my subject, tab to the project, and enter at least three characters before the list narrows down. I then have to arrow down to the project and hit enter, or click on the project. Then I have to tab through the filters and billability before I get to the time entry (I don’t use those much). I can hit enter here which takes me to the start button where I must hit enter again.

    Maybe I’m using it wrong, who knows. However, my experience so far is that toggl is now *reducing* my productivity. The extra clicks/tabs/selects just slow me down. Heck, even Salesforce is starting to look competitive.

  8. Now I am faced with the task of trying get my time records exported and massaged just right, so I can import them into Harvest. Harvest is a serious product that works very well. However, I would stick with ‘Old Toggl’ in a heartbeat because of its simplicity, its wonderful functionality and flexibility, and its value of service. Unfortunately it appears that is no longer an option.

  9. Kate hit it straight on! Those are my sentiments exactly! The most confusing part of this whole fiasco is the complete and utter lack of response from the company to address these concerns with any true understanding of what their customers are actually saying. Yes, they do respond (their customer service is typically excellent), but in the responses I’ve seen, there is always that sense of arrogance, which comes across as “we know what’s better, so please please please just get used to New Toggl, and we’ll all be happy again”, as they continue down this unfortunate path.

    I really am sorry that this post sounds only like I’m bashing them. – Absolutely NOT my intention. I loved how easy “Old Toggl” was to use. Using Toggl for time tracking was like finally finding the key to productivity that my business really needed. It pains me to loose this fabulous product and service that had made such an impact on my business. Unfortunately for nearly everyone, the company seems to have blinders on that will only come off after its way too late. What a shame and a pity, especially since it is all so preventable. Well, it was great while it lasted.

  10. There is still (at least for me) a significant lag in keystrokes and clicks in new toggl as compared to old toggl. It takes me twice the amount of time to set up my tags, enter in the project name, etc.

    • Bump!
      A huge huge pain is just this. I mean, if it were easy to just enter in time and have it default to hours instead of minutes, that’d be great. You have to manually type and click so much, select projects from a long list. We share this account with many different teams.