The roll-out of Toggl’s improved Summary Reports has just been completed. Most of the user interface and usability has remained the same, the most important changes are:

  • Much faster – the reports are now mostly available within 1-2 seconds
  • ‘This year’ – the ‘All time’ selection has been replaced with ‘This year’ to optimize reporting speed. You can extend the date range if necessary by selecting the specific dates from the calendar.
  • Expand all / Collapse all – the listing below the chart is now collapsed by default and you can expand or collapse all with just one click on the + or – next to the listing.
  • Tags filtering – tags are now filtered with the ‘OR’ logic, so you can report on multiple tags in one go.

Work on improved Detailed reports is the next priority and well under way now,  so keep an eye out. If you’d like to be in the first group to try out the new Detailed reports when we’re ready with the first stable versions, let us know!