Faster Summary Reports

The roll-out of Toggl’s improved Summary Reports has just been completed. Most of the user interface and usability has remained the same, the most important changes are:

  • Much faster – the reports are now mostly available within 1-2 seconds
  • ‘This year’ – the ‘All time’ selection has been replaced with ‘This year’ to optimize reporting speed. You can extend the date range if necessary by selecting the specific dates from the calendar.
  • Expand all / Collapse all – the listing below the chart is now collapsed by default and you can expand or collapse all with just one click on the + or – next to the listing.
  • Tags filtering – tags are now filtered with the ‘OR’ logic, so you can report on multiple tags in one go.

Work on improved Detailed reports is the next priority and well under way now,  so keep an eye out. If you’d like to be in the first group to try out the new Detailed reports when we’re ready with the first stable versions, let us know!

By On September 5, 2012

  1. @Alari ; Thanks for the explanation. I can understand the technical issue with the “All Time” filter option. Nonetheless I would happily sacrify speed for having this option back.
    Without the feature it takes me longer to make a “total”-report I know I can trust. Making a bookmark on all projects will not change that.


  2. I have a client who wants me to give them dates and times and when I do a summary report, the dates disappear and just the description shows. Is there a way to get dates in the results also?

  3. I have a complaint. The standard exported PDF report should state the employee/agent’s Name and Position on the report.
    This may call for some extra input form fields in the settings page (Position/Occupation) but will make for a more info rich report.
    Thanks for getting this done.

  4. @Christoph, the new Summary report has a different format that is causing me a major headache. I run a monthly Summary report and export it to Excel to transfer into my database. I run it on all projects and users and group the report by Users and show data by projects. This format used to include both the Client name and the Project name for each line item for a user. Now it only includes the Project name. This is a really crappy thing because when I import the excel file export I am pulling both of these values as we need to correlate by project and client. Ugh, I’m pulling my hair out.

  5. Most of our projects never last more than a year. And I rarely need timesheet info for projects over a year old. Therefore a “Last 12 Months” filter would work fine for me. For those odd times where I would like a report spanning more than the last year, I wouldn’t mind selecting the dates manually.

  6. I’m also missing the “All time” option, and judging from the comments, I’m not the only one. For people that do consulting, it is extremely important to quickly get a total time spent on a project, and projects unfortunately don’t always easily fit into a single year. I love the “this year” option, but need some way to quickly view the total hours spent on the project without having to select a date range.

    The logic you are using saying the reason is speed of queries and system load doesn’t make sense to me. When I click on settings, the default report shows the total hours spent on ALL open projects. I would expect this exponentially increase your server load, but it is not. It seems like you should be able report a total of hours from all time and it effect your load much less than what you are doing in the settings project report.

    What am I missing?

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  7. I don’t use the “All Time” filter, but it sounds like for many of the people who do, just having a “past 365 days” would serve fine.

    Cue the users with multi-year projects to jump all over me ;^)