Faster Detailed Reports

We have now completed the roll-out of the improved Detailed Reports.

Most of the user interface has remained the same, what has changed is:

  • Much faster – mostly available within 1-2 seconds, exporting is also now speedier;
  • Editing time entries – project search is now available there for easier editing;
  • ‘This year’ – now replaces ‘all time’, you can extend the period when selecting exact dates from the calendar;
  • Filtering tags – you can now filter out many tags at a time, just like in Summary reports.

Let us know what you think!

By On December 12, 2012

  1. fantastic news. Not that the reports were slow for me in the first place! One thing I have been wondering, is there a way of adding more than one project to my current time tracking? Sometimes I’m working across a few and it would be great to be able to multi-select projects.

  2. While I like the change, there are some new UI behaviours that irk me greatly and have made parts of my reporting process much more tedious.

    In the reports summary page, you used to be able to cmd click time entries to open the detailed report about a time entry. Now when you do this it ignores my cmd click entirely and loads the detailed time entry in the same tab I had the summary page open. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get these to open in a new tab and every attempt to make it search for the time entry text from the “this week” date range from all entries.

    Please don’t make the decision for me if I want to open a new tab or not. If I’m explicitly trying to open a link in a new tab, I probably have a good reason for it. 🙁

  3. Thanks for your comments, everyone. Past twelve months seems like a good idea so we’ll definitely take it into consideration!

  4. Add my name to those who would much prefer a “past twelve months” quick option to a “this year” option. “This year” is pretty much useless in January, February, or March.

    If someone is trying to fill out a report about the calender year: they are only doing that once a year, and so it won’t be a hardship to set the dates manually.

  5. Nooo, “all time” reports is now also gone from “detailed reoprts”, had hoped that this would be an alternative to the summary report, that has missed “all time” for a while now.
    I have not been looking forward to the end of this year, where trouble really starts for us, when extracting reports.
    Please bring back the darn feature. I know it is possible to use the date ranges, but week-view is also just a pre-specified date range that is very convenient to use as well as “All time” is.

  6. Improvements are appreciated. However please bring back all time. My most common report is to get the total time on a project, and for that I need the all time option. Sure I can just type in 1900 for the start date or something but it isn’t very convenient, and runs the risk of missing time entries if I make a typo.

  7. I also miss the “All Time” report. Would be especially useful as we switch to a new year and have the need to report on projects spanning 2012 – 2013.

  8. I also would rather have something like “this past year” as Mike M described, than “this year”. For many of us, next month the “this year” button will be pretty useless, splitting up projects that spanned 2012 and 2013.