Toggl Android And iPhone Apps Development Roadmap


Here are the changes/features which we want to tackle in following months.

  1. Very near future
    • Reports (finally) for fast & easy overview of your time spending habits
    • Ability to create tags from apps
    • Description auto-completion
    • Ensure that the project/client/tag being created doesn’t conflict with any of the existing ones
  2. Near future:
    • Home and lock screen widgets for Android
    • Notification widget for iOS (maybe)
    • iOS live sync
  3. Not-so-distant future:
    • Design refresh – more in line with material design on Android
    • Client based project ordering
    • Android Wear support
    • Project list search
  4. After all that:
    • Onboarding for new users
    • Ability to use the app without Toggl account

You can also keep an eye on our development roadmap on our Github wiki.

By On October 2, 2014

  1. Hi there, I have recently set up Toggl for our small business but our employee with a Samsung is having heaps of trouble with the app. Do you know when this will be fixed, if ever?

    Thank you

    • Thanks for letting us know – it’s a known problem, hopefully should be fixed today.

  2. What you doing about Windows Phone? I beginning to question my monthly subscription when I’m not being supported, but am supporting technology I’m not interested in.

  3. PLEASE make an iOS widget. I’m switching from Android and I love the little toggl sync in my notifications bar, and I’d love to see it on the iPhone too. I’m a believer, I know you can do it.

  4. Cool, that you’ve wrote this post.
    It’s really encouraging, when we can read plans for the future and find there features, that we really want =)
    What about deadlines? Very near future – is smth like 1 month? Or half a year?