Easy Time Entry

Toggl is unique and helpful because of its ability to “track” time versus requiring time entry. But time entry is possible when you need to edit a task you are working on. Toggl accepts a number of formats to do this:

* hh:mm:ss (07:48:12)

* hh:mm (07:48)

* mm (48=48 minutes) – A number without any following letters and colons is considered minutes

* For Seconds: 12s, 12 s, 12 sec, 12secs, 12 seconds, etc. You can also enter seconds above 1 minute, e.g. 3600s is 1 hour.

* For Minutes: 48m, 48 m, 48 min, 48mins, 48minute, 48 minutes, etc. Use 48.5m to register 48 minutes and 30 seconds.

* For Hours: 7h, 07h, 07 h, 7 hours, 07hour, etc. Also you may use 7.5h to register 7 hours and 30 minutes.

* 2.5 or 2,5 (2 hours and 30 minutes.) A number followed by a decimal or comma is registered in hours.

The time entry is quite flexible and conveniently accepts any of the above formats that you wish to use.


By On September 21, 2006