Early Christmas Present! New Planned Features In Toggl


With only two months to go until Christmas, here’s what we have in the development pipeline. Most of those have been long-planned, and we can now say they will most probably be released by the end of the year. Without much further ado, here we go:

Tiny mode for timer page. One of the gripes for long-time users and people with small screens has been the somewhat wasteful way of presenting information on Timer page. This will get addressed so that you’ll get even more lines crammed on each screen. Right now, you can already switch to Compact mode, but Tiny mode will be added to those options.

Wider view for Timer page. This is the other extreme of the previous issue – we do not make use of the newer extra-wide screens at the moment. This will be changed so Toggl Timer page will expand to fill more of the screen, letting you see extra content. This is the first step in making Toggl fully responsive so expect more improvements along the way.

Project Dashboard. One of the missing features has been an estimate vs. actual breakdown of Tasks in Project view. This will be back with a vengeance – we’ll be adding a totally new Dashboard view for projects, that helps you to have a quick look into how the project is doing. Most useful for people who use estimates all the way!

As always, feel free to drop us a line in Feedback within Toggl, we love to hear the ideas of making Toggl even better!

By On October 13, 2014

  1. I agree with Dylan. The inability to assign a global billable rate to a team member is a big problem for me. With about 50 projects on the go at any one time, editing every project members billable rate is too time consuming. Also, if I could set a default billable rate for a team member, then i could allow others to create projects (without being able to see the billable rates), and without me having to assign the billable rates to the projects myself.

  2. What I really would need for a perfect Toogl app:
    – the possibility to have a “backlog” in the Timer Tab ? The actual magement of tasks is not handy because it not on a different area…
    – Andit wous be very usefull to be able to 1/ directly launch the timer on a task and 2/ mark “as done” a task direcly from the Time tab.

    Would be possible to have these features ?

  3. As I have emailed before would like the ability to set all projects visible to everyone after importing projects. Takes a lot of time going into each project and setting them to be visible to all. Thanks and keep up the good work! Great job Toggl.

  4. Hi, there’s a bug with the time tracker app for Mac OS X running Yosemite 10.10 – the timer text is unreadable as it’s appearing as black on dark grey.

  5. How about better integration of tasks? It’s already possible to add tasks to a project, but there is no dashboard, no way to know a task is assigned to you etc.

  6. * Be able to split a task in two both when it’s running and when it’s saved.

    * Be able to set working hours and which enables you to show how much of the day you have worked. This will also enable you to calculate how much flex-time you have available. Make this configurable.

    * Be able to set out public holidays in calender so the working hours is set in the right way and flex time can be calculated in the right way.

    * Look from the workers perspective more. It’s the ones that uses toggle everyday.

  7. Glad that estimate vs. actual breakdown of Tasks in Project view is back again. Hope you will never take it out again.

    Fixed fee for projects / taks next to the (already existing) hourly rate is another essential need. I hope you are also working on that one!

  8. Hello! Been using Toggl 2 years in my business, however it is still almost impossibly awkward when we complete a project to simply bill a client – especially over the new year period where we must manually enter start and end dates to view time entries. Then it is awkward to view notes on time entries and we are constantly missing notes to go on invoices. I love using the program to track my time but my invoicing person hates trying to read the data (the amount of date and project filters he has to fill in before he can just list all entries of a particular project seems absurd, and if you want to list notes in an archived project it’s even harder). It seems we must be missing something obvious but we have looked and looked. Any chance you can get the display of projects for invoicing purposes a bit easier? Love the tracking end of it though, but we are likely to move on if invoicing stays this tricky.