Who’s the best SEO, Designer or Mobile Dev? [Test]

Take the job test to score a Toggl t-shirt! Oh, and maybe, you know, join our awesome team?

We’re looking for a designer, a mobile developer and a SEO to join our global team – it doesn’t matter where you live, as we’re big fans of remote work.

After all, great people do great work anywhere!

To have a go, take a test that fits you best below. If you get a high enough score, expect some Toggl swag in your mailbox -and an email from our hiring people.

Take the SEO test!

Take the Designer test!

Take the Mobile Developer test!

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We’re hiring. Take the test & get a free T-shirt! #remotework

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By On June 9, 2016

  1. I took your “designer” test. It’s more of a “specific piece of software” test. I guess I’m not a designer if I don’t use Sketch.