Desktop 4.0 is officially out of Beta

Toggl Desktop 4 is ready for primetime! Upgrade now and enjoy all that it has to offer:

  • New layout
  • Improved speed and stability
  • More keyboard shortcuts

Click here for full details in our Knowledge base.

Toggl Desktop 3 is displaying an increasing number of bugs and we can no longer guarantee its stability. This version will be completely discontinued on January 14th and all users will then be automatically upgraded to Desktop 4.

We strongly encourage you to update your application well before then.


By On December 10, 2012

  1. when “pinned” to Win 7 x64 Home Premium taskbar two icons show up, one for the pinned shortcut, one for running app window…

    Another thing, I would prefer to have the “right click menu” (about, preferences, exit, …) on taskbar icon, not on the notifications area icon.

    In spite of this, and most importantly, thank you Toggl!!

  2. It seems like there are still some beta issues with V4. I deleted toggl user folder, installed from the download link given, and still have some problems. my time entry details show 24 h time even though my settings on the website are am/pm, and I get a weird thing where sometimes the title bar is missing…and always when I go into the preferences. i.e. no title or minimize, window, close buttons show up. I like V4 but these problems weren’t there until I upgraded today!

  3. @everyone having issues with upgrading from the beta on Mac OS X, I got it working by removing the application data with “rm -rf ~/Library/Application Support/Toggl*” and then removing the application and installing it again.. Hope that works for you as well.

  4. Hi everybody, it seems we just pulled the ‘Windows 98 stunt’ with the release. The issue is fixed now, please re-download. I am really sorry for this!