Deprecating API v6 on September 1st


This announcement concerns people who:

  • are Toggl users but use some custom tool (not developed by Toggl) for getting, inserting or updating Toggl data
  • are using Toggl Desktop version smaller than 5.0 or Toggl mobile app version smaller than 6.0.0
  • have created a custom application, tool, script or integratioon using the Toggl API

As announced in March the old Toggl public API v6 will be retiring on September 1st and is replaced by API v8. We hope that everyone has had the time to update their code and applications from using Toggl API v6 to v8, because starting from September 1st the api/v6 requests will be returning an error as status code and the applications will not work any more. You can find the new API v8 documentation in Github.

If you use a custom tool for Toggl

You should find out who has created the tool/application/integration and ask if the code has been updated to using Toggl API v8. If the developer has no idea what you are talking about, send them the link to this blog post.

If you use an old Toggl application

As mentioned above, the Toggl supports only Toggl Desktop version 5 and higher and Toggl mobile version 6 and higher. If you have and old version please upgrade immediately. The download links and more information about desktop application can be found on our Support Center here and on mobile versions here.

If you created a custom tool using API v6

We really hope that you have already updated your code to using API v8. If not it is now the high time to do so. Note that the new API v8 is not quite the same as v6. The urls, attribute names and authentication are some of the things that have changed, so the upgrading may not be so smooth. The new API v8 documentation can be found in Github. If you have any questions, problems or requests regarding the new API, please contact us on our Github Issues page.

By On August 29, 2013

  1. This is nonsense. TogglDesktop 6 lacks:

    * Notifications area icon in any version of Ubuntu, even when using Gnome 2
    * Idle time detection
    * The ability to remember my login credentials between sessions

    It’s a complete non-starter and deprecating the API before their own tool was mature is worse than a slap in the face to users… it’s a productivity killer that substantially decreases billing accuracy.

    After an extremely disappointing discussion with Toggl support, I’m gone.

  2. We are really sorry that you feel this way. We published the original deprecation warning in March and in addition to that, sent emails to users who were using API v6 in June.
    We hope that the .net C# wrapper gets upgraded. We have created a concerning issue in the wrapper’s Github repo to get some attention.
    In the meantime you can track time using our wep application or try out our new beta version at We also have a desktop application available

  3. This is frustrating. I love Toggl, so much so, that our business depends on it and we built custom systems that use the v6 API. Coming in today and finding that its ‘gone’ has caused pain. I understand you need to move the product forward and I can appreciate that but why do you need to deprecate the old API?

    What is more frustrating is that there was little communication that the API was shut down. Today I have actively had a look around and found a blog post about it and also saw a post on your Facebook page. Could you not have sent an email? I have better things to do than be checking your blog post to make sure my systems are not going to break.

    I use the .net C# wrapper which doesnt support v8 yet by the looks of it so I’m up the creek.–Toggl-Api-Client