Chrome Extension “Toggl Button” Has Been Open Sourced

Toggl Button, Open Source in Github

Tracking time with Toggl while using other web tools just became a little easier. As we announced in May, we have created “Toggl Button” Chrome extension that works with Pivotal Tracker and TeamWeek. Now we have open sourced the “Toggl Button” Chrome extension! You can find the source code in Github.

We encourage you to add new services to the Chrome extension and let us know about these! Just write your feedback to the Issues page in Github, send it to or give us a shout out in Twitter.

By On June 5, 2013

  1. How about opening up the Toggl Desktop timer? I for one would really like:
    1) to keep much longer that 2 weeks desktop activity (I really need at least 7 weeks to make up for needing to go back and elaborate the justification of time spent).
    2) For it to bug me when:
    a) I haven’t updated the description of what I am working on
    b) I am clearly at the computer yet the timer isn’t running


  2. Wohoo! First to star on GitHub!

    This is awesome. I’ve thought about how nice it would be to see the source for that multiple times. Thanks, Toggl!