Changes in Toggl pricing

Toggl’s pricing structure has changed as of today. From now on the pricing will be simple and straightforward – each user in the workspace is priced at $5 per month. There will be no more fixed plans and upgrade-downgrade hassles. You only pay for what you use. There is no upper limit on the workspace size, so there will be no more hassle if your workspace grows over 40 users.

See our Knowledge base for more details on this.

All current Pro plan subscribers – There will be a 3-month transition period, where your existing plan will work fine and you’ll pay the same amount you have used to. Your current plan will be effective until Feb 29th 2012, and after this deadline your account will be upgraded automatically.

As the price increases for teams over 3 then we’re offering a solution – if you pay for 12 months in advance, your price per team member will be $2.50/mo, no matter what your team size is for the next 12 months! This offer is valid only for our current Pro users with a Small or larger plan.

All these changes help Toggl to continue evolving fast and providing the best time tracking experience on the web.

By On November 21, 2011

  1. Hi all,

    Besides the hike in percentage, TOGGL is still cheap. Come on, you can pay the bill with one hour or two of work…for whole company. How much does TOGGL makes you win ? In ratio price/benefits certainly much more than lots of other services you pay every months. I’m surprised almost nobody understand that TOGGL must reconsider prices to keep going forward for the benefits of all customers and make profits like all of us. Leaving Toggl because it’s no more the cheapest time tracking service means leaving the BEST time tracking service…

  2. We fully understand your frustration on the price change, and we’re not happy to see users leaving.

    Still we will keep to the new price point, as we’re certain that Toggl provides our users enough value to justify the price.

    Toggl’s main value lies in its ability to on the one hand save time, and on the other hand to increase earnings thanks to more effective tracking of the time spent. For example if your hourly rate is $20, Toggl needs to save or earn you only 15 minutes each month to cover its cost.

    I’d like to thank all users that have understood and accepted the update. We promise to live up to the new price level. We have been investing our revenues into Toggl for the last 4 years, and will continue doing so. There are many new features and updates in the pipeline, and our development efforts are continuously increasing.

    If you need more than 3 months of transition time, then please let us know at and lets work it out.

  3. @Alari

    I don’t think most people are against a small price increase. It’s the huge 210% increase that is ridiculous.

    You mentioned that you are bringing your pricing in line with competitor’s products – however, a lot of these services offer much more than simply time logging.

    We love Toggl’s way of time logging – and the 12 month pre-pay prices are reasonable. Have you considered reducing the 12 month pre-pay to 6 months for existing users?

  4. Discouraged by the price increase. For our organization it’s more than double what we are paying today. It’s enough of a price hike we are now looking at other products to see if there is another solution we should be using. Netflix comes to mind…..

  5. This is not right. The service is so poor to this price.
    We will be leaving Toggl when the new price structure affects our account.

  6. In my opinion the best way to handle this and maintain your loyal customer base is to do a small/modest increase to your current customers in the switch and that the new pricing applies ONLY to new accounts. We all like the idea of paying per user, it’s the price DOUBLE that is really enraging us. We are getting no new service to justify the increase. It’s crazy to think freelancers are going to pay a year out like this for a service for a discount. Month to month is the way we operate.

    And so you are aware– I for one have been selling for you because the product works and is affordable, I tell all my peers about the tool and refer business your way. So you would be losing my long-term business and my word of mouth referrals by making a change like this.
    Take our advice- modest increase to current customers, let us all pay by team member and apply the new pricing to new customers only.