How to Set Up a Project Calendar

Joe Neely 18th August, 2017 No comments

Project calendars matter! As an experienced project manager, you know your team members need 24/7 (and updated) access to their project management timeline.

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Flow State at Work: Get into the Zone in 7 Steps and Be More Productive

Joe Neely 16th August, 2017 No comments

When psychologists and productivity experts talk about flow state, they mean the exciting feeling of being in the zone.

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Reaching Your Limit: How to Manage Design Change Requests

Kat Boogaard 14th August, 2017 No comments

You’ve redesigned a website for a client—let’s call him Joe. You send over the link to the staging site so that he can take a look at what you’ve done so far. Overall, Joe is happy with it (or so he says…).

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6 Tips to Be an Effective Project Manager (Without Micromanaging)

Kat Boogaard 11th August, 2017 No comments

As a project manager, you want your team (not to mention your project!) to be successful. So, as a result, you feel the need to keep a watchful eye on every single thing that’s happening.

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Pros and Cons of Flextime Work Options

Joe Neely 10th August, 2017 No comments

Flexibility—and flextime work options matter more and more in the modern workplace.

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5 Things You and Your Web Development Client Should Agree On (Before Ever Getting Started!)

Kat Boogaard 9th August, 2017 No comments

Web development is a creative process. So, when it comes to your relationships with your clients, it can be tempting to leave yourself a little wiggle room.

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