5 Things You and Your Web Development Client Should Agree On (Before Ever Getting Started!)

Kat Boogaard 9th August, 2017 No comments

Web development is a creative process. So, when it comes to your relationships with your clients, it can be tempting to leave yourself a little wiggle room.

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4 Surefire Ways to Set Yourself Apart From Your Web Design Competition

Kat Boogaard 1st August, 2017 No comments

Your quality of work might always be high, there’s still one big thing that you and your web design agency struggle with: setting yourself apart from web design competition.

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5 Toggl Features for Clean Reporting

Liza Plotnikova 31st July, 2017 No comments

Fast, accurate, and complete billing can go a long way to boosting your bottom line. When done well, it can help you build trust with your clients and keep them coming back.

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The App That Knows Your Bad Habits (and Isn’t Afraid to Say Something)

Heidi Taperson 27th July, 2017 4 Comments

If you are too lazy to track your time, then we have good news for you. For almost a year, we’ve been working on a new iPhone productivity app called Superday.

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Coming Soon – The All-New Toggl iOS App

Paul Scharf 26th July, 2017 1 Comment

This is supposed to be a clever article description but screw it, we’re just too excited – we’ve got a brand new Toggl iOS app in the works!

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3 Things to Consider When Traveling and Working Remotely

Emma Murray 21st July, 2017 No comments

If you love traveling, being a digital nomad may sound incredibly appealing. Getting paid while trekking around the world, what could be better? Before you toss your furniture, give away your cat and buy a one-way ticket to Thailand, there are a few things you should consider.

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