10 Workplace Trends You’ll See in 2018 [Comic]

Emma Murray 31st July, 2018 1 Comment

Everyone’s got their own ideas about what the workplace of the future will be like. We decided to join in and come up with our own predictions.

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Tech Careers Of The Future [Comic]

Emma Murray 26th July, 2018 No comments

When thinking about tech careers of the future, AI and machine learning may come to mind. Sure, those might be the tech careers of the near future, but what about the far future? We’ve got a theory…

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10 Management Tips From The Grim Reaper [Comic]

Emma Murray 19th July, 2018 No comments

Being in management doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom. (more…)

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Horoscopes For Your Agency Job [Comic]

Emma Murray 12th July, 2018 No comments

Everyone wishes they could get a little glance into the future so if you work at an agency, today just may be your lucky day….

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10 Pieces of Advice From Successful Creatives [Infographic]

Emma Murray 9th July, 2018 No comments

When we seek advice, we’re generally looking for guidance and, at times, for inspiration. We’ve all felt creatively stuck or discouraged at some point, which is why we illustrated some of our favorite pieces of advice from some brilliant individuals currently doing great creative work:

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Common Misconceptions About The Tech Industry [Comic]

Emma Murray 7th June, 2018 1 Comment

Think you know exactly what it’s like to work in tech? Narrow conceptions of what the industry is truly like tend to cloud people’s views. We decided to create a little comic to address a few of these fallacies…

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