Avoid Overconfidence Bias at the Workplace with these 7 Actionable Tips

Theodora S. Abigail 21st February, 2018 No comments

Overconfidence bias is something that can strike at any time, even to the best of us. (more…)

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4 Tips For Reorganizing Your Workflows When Your Business Expands

Andrea Kelemen 16th February, 2018 No comments

Watching your business grow from a solo passion project to a thriving company that employs 5, 50 or 500 people is a journey unlike any other.

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Why Hiring is Broken and How To Fix It With Hundred5

Marit Martin 14th February, 2018 No comments

This is a guest post from Hundred5 CEO – the tool that has helped us to find high-quality candidates for all our positions.

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The Impact of the God Complex on Leadership Skills

Kat Boogaard 8th February, 2018 No comments

If there’s one complaint that employees have about their tech startup leader, Mark, it’s that he has a raging God complex.

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How Long Should a Post Be in 2018?

Kat Boogaard 7th February, 2018 No comments

If you’re planning to leverage content marketing to your advantage (and, if you’re not, you should be!), you’re likely looking for an answer to this one important question: How long should a post be?

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My Effortless Hiring Workflow for Great Programmers

Paul Scharf 5th February, 2018 No comments

Recently I wrote about how I used Hundred5 to hire six great programmers with very little effort. In that post, I discussed my general hiring workflow, as well my general rules for creating an automated skill test with Hundred5.

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