Who’s The Busiest Person That Deserves an #iPadFromToggl?


It’s time to forget about the ice buckets and nominate the busiest person you know for an #iPadFromToggl. Yes, we will give away an iPad Air to one remarkably busy person on September 15th. Who deserves this the most? You tell us!

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By On August 25, 2014

  1. I nominate my dad for an #iPadFromToggl because he’s a Dr. and he is one of the busiest people I know. He works all day every day, from the morning until , 7 or 8 to the early morning- make that anytime from 1-3 am. He barely gets a chance to get to eat and besides for being a great doctor, he is awesome with computers, he sets up networks, removes viruses, and I would say that technology is one of his best hobbies, which works great because it benefits his office tremendously to have someone on staff that can do all the tech work. He is usually the first to have any new invention out there, be it the watch phone, the first of the computers back in the day, and best of all, he’s a great dad! Thanks for toggl and for making this fantastic raffle. I hope my dad wins!

  2. I nominate Lisa Simmons#iPadFromToggle because she is mother who is very actively involved with 2 daughters. She is also a dedicated wife who sometimes must pull double duty when her husband gets called away for his job. On top of that, she runs a farm making sure the pens are clean, the animals fed and happy. Did I mention that she also runs her own business, many times needing to leave home in order to meet deadlines when her internet service is not up to par. Beyond her career, she is always there to lend an ear or shoulder for anyone needing help.

  3. Woohoo, an #iPadFromToggl means I’m not going to be trapped at my desk to keep track of my 16 hour days. Thanks guys, providing better and better service.

  4. I would like to nominate my boss! He introduced me to Toggl, as we both have a hard time keeping track of our timesheets and time spent on RnD and Debugging tasks. I always have the mobile app as well as the browser running, and it is working fantastically. We both have 3 – 7 tasks that require us to hop back and forth, so the “recent” tab is quite amazing. I often work 12 – 15 hour shifts, and it’s very important for us to keep tabs on which project is receving our attention.

    My boss, Enrico, probably tracks close to 16 hours per day of activity, and FINALLY has some legible and hard evidence of his work.

    Thanks so much toggl! You have made our monthly time tracking 1000% easier!… Mostly because we don’t have to lie or make up tasks on our timesheets anymore!

  5. First you create a free to use time management software that is always being streamlined and adjusted for better functionality and UX…

    and now your giving away prizes…

    I don’t know how you guys live with yourselves ;P

  6. Can I nominate myself? 😛

    And I agree with Cambria’s sentiments. What’s so wrong about rewarding someone who works a lot and gets things done?

  7. In our business, we have two historic periods – BT & AT 😉

    Before Toggl we don’t know whats going on and how much cost spent on projects.

    After Toggl, we know resource utilization, cost of each element and streamlining of activity. Toggl means a lot to business. Toggl makes us busy on business rather finding where business going on.

    Rave Maxpro, Chennai.

  8. Toggl is being generous enough to give one lucky person very nice gift with no strings attached, and people are whining? Wow.

  9. Yeah, to bounce off what Adam said, I don’t think time spent working / being busy is a great thing to reward. And please don’t tell me you’re actually suggesting forgetting about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge…