How to Build a Greenhouse?


As you go about your every-day routine, eventually you will come to a point where you’ve just had it. Enough! No more!

That’s about an inch from total burnout. So, what will you do?

Spend a fortune on therapy that’ll only postpone the inevitable? (Can you afford spending that fortune?)
Quit? (Who will pay your bills? And you actually love what you do for a living…)

Well, building a greenhouse might be another option…

You need some wood (50×100 or 2 by 4, if you go by inches and feet) for framing, screws and plastic film (the one that lets UV through) for covering.
Also – a saw (electric, circular is recommended, but a hand one will do), electric screwdriver (you’ll quit after the first 30 screws when using the hand one), measuring tape, water level (the tool!) and a place to put the greenhouse.

One might think: Yeah, ok, I’m cool with that, but… but… Why?

Why not?

Basically – get out of your everyday routine, do something creative that you wouldn’t do normally.

Ok, you’ve got your materials, you’ve got your tools, so what next?
Draw a basic plan (or get it from the web) of the greenhouse to be and follow the plan.

That doesn’t sound very creative, you’re just following instructions, it’s a glorified IKEA set… What about this ‘do something creative’?

Well, you are doing something creative. Something you wouldn’t do every day (or even at all). You’re building something.

greenhouse frame
An actual greenhouse in the making

So, now you’re probably set up some basic framing and run into your first problems. Measured a few centimeters (inches) off? Don’t worry, since we use plastic film, not plastic or glass panels, this won’t show.

Measured a few meters (feet) off? Well, time to change the general plans… if it doesn’t come into life as a greenhouse, then perhaps you need a small, interestingly shaped garden shed?

Instead of spending your time falling deeper and deeper just change location, if you’re too tired (or just not feeling like doing something) just hang around places you’ve never been (yes, I mean that pub down the street that has a weird name and you’ve always wondered what kind of people actually go there – go and find out!).

Now, when you’ve completed your greenhouse (or shed, since you changed your mind), sit back, relax and enjoy your creation. Planting tomatoes, cucumbers and other tasty things will (hopefully) be covered later…

Disclaimer: an actual greenhouse was built in the process of creating this blogpost (or was it the other way around?) and is now a home to 16 tomato and 4 cucumber plants.

By On May 28, 2014

  1. Excellent idea!
    Building a greenhouse sounds like an awesome distraction to have.
    Could you share the ‘basic plan’ you’ve used for this one? It looks very sturdy and well made.