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Do you feel that generating a report from scratch each time you need to view data filtered in a certain way is too time consuming? Then Bookmarks is just the feature you need! Bookmarking your reports makes it really easy for you to retrieve them later for yourself, send them to your manager or share them with your team members – even send them to your client who doesn’t have a Toggl account at all!

Any report you generate can be saved as a Bookmark, all you need to do is set the filters and a time span and click on the Bookmark icon under the filtering bar – easy as that!

Bookmarks for blog 3

After doing so, all you need to do is to name the bookmark and confirm some settings:

Bookmarks for blog 4

  • Fixed date range – If you do not tick the “Fixed date range” box, you don’t need to send your clients a new report each month – they can change the date themselves and the filters stay the same! If you do tick the “Fixed date range” box, the receiver can only see that specific report you generated – they’re not able to change the dates.
  • Publish – by ticking the “Publish” box, you’re able to share the Bookmark with pretty much everyone – starting with all users in your workspace and ending with people who don’t even have a Toggl account! But if your report is more of a top secret material, it’s better not to tick the “Publish” box – that way only other togglers that you decide to share it with (and the admins of your workspace) are able to see this report.

So, once you’ve done all of this, the Bookmark (together with its unique URL) appears on the Bookmarks page (you’re able to find it by hovering over the Reports bar and choosing Bookmarks from the drop-down menu). This is what you’ll see:

Bookmarks for blog 1.

The Bookmark URL can be copied and shared immediately. Also, on this page you’re able to change the type of the Bookmark (make it public/private) or even delete it. Deleting the Bookmark makes the link inactive and it cannot be accessed after that.

To use this feature, you need to have a Pro plan – upgrade here. 🙂

If you have any feedback and/or suggestions, you know where to find us – !

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By On February 18, 2014

  1. Hi!
    I use toggle very often, but…from yesterday it´s awful, nothing is functional, the buttons for stoping the timer doesn´t appear and in Firefox toggl app display blank page?!
    Today I fixed my working time on 51 minutes and now, in the night, toggle send me email, that, my working time is still going.
    What´s happening?
    My customers and employers need have my worktime directly noting down.
    Sorry for my poor english!