Better Faster Stronger – The New Toggl API

Six months ago we wrote about moving to the Go programming language and replacing our Ruby on Rails backend. Step-by-step we have done that and now most of the ajax requests inside Toggl (especially  m.toggl and Toggl Desktop) use our new Go API  (Toggl API v8), which sits in it’s very own server separate from the clunky RoR application. Today we are ready to make the API public.

 The Documentation

Our previous documentation was publicized on our own public web page and reporting bugs, asking questions, resolving issues went through our Support system with all the other problems regular users had. We wanted to make life a bit easier to our fellow developers and lo and behold! moved our documentation to Github – We actually got this idea from Basecamp (no shame in admitting that), which published its Basecamp Next API documentation on Github.

Best things about having our documentation on Github:

  • Issues – if you have a questions or problems you can create an issue at Github, watch its progress and get direct feedback from the API developers.
  • Pull requests – if you find a bug in the documentation you can fork the repository, fix the bug and make a pull request. This way you don’t have to spend time reporting a bug, waiting for an answer and then the fix. We have tremendous respect for people who step up and take action!  You can read more about pull requests from here
  • You can follow our repository and see all the updates in your Github feed
  • Public commit history – you can see what functionality documentation was added and when. Pretty much reflects the API’s functionality implementation.

Help us towards a better API

So far we have implemented only those requests that are necessary for us. Which means some of the functionalities we had in API v6 may be missing. As we are actively implementing new API calls, we want to know what kind of functionalities you miss or would like to see. We anxiously await for our first Github issues.

Deprecating API v6

The arrival of the new API also means we are planning to remove the older public API v6. It will be removed September 1st 2013, so everyone using it should have enough time to update their applications and move over to the new API v8.

By On March 8, 2013

  1. You may wish to correct a couple links/pages to the API documentation to make the transition to v8 a bit more clear…

    On the integration page ( the “Use Toggl’s API” link points to the v6 documentation (

    On that page (, the API link at the footer points to the v8 documentation ( — which is a bit confusing since one would be looking at the v6 documentation when they click that link.

    If I hadn’t looked at the blog, I would have assumed v6 is still the current api.

  2. […] Public API version 8 – in the words of the developers: better, faster, stronger. […]

  3. This is fantastic, guys! I’ve otherwise been in love with Toggl since the first time I used it, but for the past few months had been thinking about making my own time tracking solution because I was in desperate need for a time tracker that allowed me to give read-only access to my clients. Now I can just make a simple page that hooks into your API and I’m all set.

    Thanks for saving me hundreds of hours! You have no idea how happy I am right now.

  4. Congratulations! I love Toggl especially how the program is running very good in Linux. Only the invoice feature is missing. Yes, I know I can use 3rd party which cost another bucks 🙂

  5. Thanks Toggl folks. It gives me confidence in my choice of time trackers that you are continuing to invest time in your publicly documented API.

    I don’t use the API, but knowing it’s there if I need it is reassuring.

  6. @guy-who-wrote-that-weird-rant Half of what you say is wrong, the other half is the wrong tone. The fact that you stay anonymous doesn’t make your post very credible, you know? 5$ is nothing for the service Toggl provides and what the heck does the whole thing have to do with unemployment?

  7. Great to see the new API, well done guys. I would love to see the addition of retrieving time entries by workspace with the ability to filter by client, project and task. We have some tools we have built internally where we currently have to query each user to collate data which means quite a few API requests. I would love to reduce those requests which would benefit both of us, speed up our apps and reduce the load on your API. Thanks guys.

  8. Cool. Will be interested to check out the new API. Part of the reason I chose Toggl was because it had an API. We made some basic internal tools for better reporting, and found the API very useful, but could be improved. Looks like it has! Thanks!