My 5 Favorite Time Management Apps & Tools

Time management and improving efficiency is really important, because, you know… time is money! I mostly work at the office, but also sometimes at home, on the train going back to my hometown or at some cafe enjoying my morning coffee (okay, actually it’s more likely a green tea). I’m not the very best expert on this subject, but I’ve been using some great apps that have helped me out with this semi-remote working a lot. Hopefully you find something new and useful here too!

1. Toggl Online Timer – Well, of course! How else would I know where my time goes? For me, the best fit is Toggl Desktop. I have it installed on my office computer and on my personal laptop. Sometimes I forget to stop the timer, so I do it on my phone, using the Toggl App for Android, on my way home from the office for example. When I need to see the reports, I just log in to the Toggl web and congratulate myself on all the hard work. Oh, and to keep track of the typical “time suckers” I also use the Timeline feature which tracks my computer’s activity and tells me where my time really went. Try it out and I promise that you’ll be surprised (yes, you guessed it – Facebook is evil)!

Toggl Online Timer, Multi-Platform

2. Evernote – I guess this is some kind of big and fancy app right now? Well, I heard and saw blog posts about it everywhere and decided to try it out. I have it installed on different computers and on my phone. Everything stays in sync and I can access my notes wherever I am. It’s a great alternative for the post-it notes I used to stick to the office computer.


3. TeamWeek – Since I’m working in a team and not in isolation, I must know what everybody else is doing. TeamWeek is great for this. It’s a planning tool for team’s workload scheduling and being cloud-based, it’s always accessible no matter where I am. Our project managers fill the schedule, but I can re-arrange my tasks and projects any time I want. I mostly use it to get an overview of what is going on in the company.

Teamweek project planning tool


4. Google Drive – Good old Google Drive… It’s just so easy to create new documents with it and access these from any device. I recently discovered that I can have Google Drive in my computer as a folder too (just like Dropbox). Maybe everybody else knows it already, but I was using it only on the web and this cloud-based-folder-thing just blew my mind 🙂

Google Drive

5. Spotify – Okay, it’s not exactly a time management tool, but it has a place on this list. This one is more directed to the people who, like me, can’t bear the silence when working. I need some motivational soundtrack that boosts my productivity and gets me to my zen zone. Spotify is wildly popular and it beats Youtube with far better browsing features (they have some kind of apps for that, I use Tunigo app). But what I like the most, is the fact that it’s on the cloud and once again, I can listen to the same great playlists I have made, wherever I am.


Do you have any favorite tools that aren’t in this list? Or you have a different experience with the ones above? Let me know!

By On September 23, 2013

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  2. Hey, you should also check out UpYourTime. It’s a really awesome time management tool because it has all the features you need if you’re a freelancer or an agency. And it’s really easy to use and customize and it’s also sort of fun to play around with.
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  3. This is a great recipe. For me i use evernote paperless for its simplicity day player for time tracking, its the first timer to use icloud sync second by second