productivity tips2

Last week we held a yet another competition with an iPad as a prize. This time we wanted to know the most useful productivity tips that you have. We decided to give the iPad for this straight forward #ProductivityTip:

If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.


We also really liked these tips and will give the authors 6 months worth of Toggl Pro credit:

Stay off social media. Take a break every 2 hours. If you’re stuck on something, do something else and come back to it. Ask lots of questions, even if you think they are dumb – assumptions are dangerous. Use a time tracker like to keep an eye on your time, even for fixed price jobs, it will help to indicate the “diminishing returns” rule. Get up early. Energy drinks.


Never open an email that you know that you cannot process immediately.


Do the big thing on your daily todo list first. You’ll feel accomplished when you tackle the rest.


Big thanks to everyone who shared their productivity knowledge!