My 3 Favorite Time Management Apps For Nexus 7

Best Time Managament Apps for Nexus 7, Android

Google Nexus 7 is an Android based tablet that is quite small but still pretty great. I’m using some great apps that make my time management simpler any time I’m on the go. These apps all have three common attributes that I find very important:

  • Cloud based – I can use these on multiple devices and all my data is in sync.
  • Free – well, who doesn’t like great apps that are also free?
  • Really easy to use – You can be up and running in just a few minutes

Google KeepIt offers simple notes and to-do’s if you need to mark something down really quickly. It also looks cool in Nexus 7 with all the different colors and font sizes. On the web I can access all the same notes at They don’t look so good on the web browser, but at least they’re always in sync and accessible.


Toggl Timer App – When I’m on the go, this makes it really simple to keep track of all the activities and how much time they take. I can start the timer on my Nexus tablet and stop it on my phone or computer. All the time keeping will become more accurate if I just track my tasks with Toggl timer, instead on trying to remember all the things I have done, later. What makes it so simple is the fact that Toggl timer app only has the basic time tracking features. For reports and advanced settings, I have to log in to the web version.

Toggl timer app for Nexus, Android

Dropbox It gives me easy access to all of my files when I’m not near a computer and I really love the option to have all my camera uploads automatically in the cloud. Dropbox seems to be so popular that everybody is already using it (at least in our office). So, it’s very easy to have shared folders with other people. The folders and files are always in sync and accessible anywhere. I can add, edit and delete them any time. So, it means there’s no more frustration over trying to send too big files via e-mail! Yay!


Do you have any favorite time management apps that you use on tablet?

By On July 12, 2013

  1. Annika,

    I use the cloud based hours tracking tool from Replicon – Have you tried it? Its one of the market leader in terms of time tracking and management. Featured with the cloud based platform with user friendly and calendar based interface this tool also integrates other related tools with the open API present in it.

    I would like you to consider this tool as well.


  2. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the feedback! I agree with you and I’m also excited about the
    And I haven’t tried the Trello app yet, thanks for the tip! 🙂

  3. hey annika,

    isn’t it astonishing how the toggl app differs from google’s and dropbox’ flat design? sure there’s something to come. like let’s wait for that.

    and to answer this open question in the end, never forget about trello :

    greetings from berlin,