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5 Reasons to Sign Up for Toggl Pro

As this is the last week of our special holiday offer which ends on January 11th, we’ve put together a small list of reasons for upgrading your Toggl workspace. While the free version of Toggl has plenty to offer in itself, the Pro tracker packs a few game changers. Here’s five things Toggl Pro helps you do:

1. Track your costs and earnings

If you’re using Toggl to charge people for your work, sooner or later you’ll have to add up the numbers. Toggl Pro has a nifty feature that puts your calculator out of a job – you can set customised billable rates for either your workspace, individual projects or your team members. Based on these rates, Toggl will show you exactly how much money you’ve earned on a given project (or how much you need to pay for a job).

This is helpful if you want to accurately invoice a client, or simply see if efforts are being directed to where they’re needed.


2. Get detailed project overviews

Only released in December 2014, the Project Dashboard is one of our newest features (and one we’re quite proud to present). Its idea is simple – to give you an instant and clear overview of where your project stands at. The dashboard opens up when you edit any project and uses colourful pie charts and bars to show you how many hours you’ve tracked towards your goal, how much money you’ve made and how far along your progress is. The Project Dashboard becomes especially useful when you’re using tasks to break up bigger projects into smaller segments.


3. Organize work better with tasks and alerts

Some projects need to be cut into smaller pieces and divided up between different people. Some are just too broad in scope. Toggl Pro has tasks that can be assigned to specific people working on the same project. Tasks can also be given estimates, letting you track their progress towards completion. You can also set up alerts that notify you when a project or task has reached a certain milestone.


4. Share your reports with anyone

Imagine that you need to send a detailed report on the work you’ve done to someone not in your workspace (perhaps they don’t even have a Toggl account). Bookmarks let you generate links to reports that you can share with anyone – even if they’re not using Toggl. Additionally, while the free version lets you create PDF and CSV files of your reports, a pro plan also supports exporting them in Excel format.


5. Manage large teams better

The Toggl free version lets you track time with a team of up to five people. With premium, sky’s the limit. When working with large teams, knowing where your organisation’s time and effort is going is crucial. Even the smallest of inefficiencies can bring an organisation down when they add up – Toggl helps you get a clear idea of what’s going on. And if you’re working with a team of 40+ members, we’ve got discounts for large teams.


We’ve got pro features for pro teams – if you want to learn more about the added features a Toggl subscription brings to the table, have a look at this quick list

Our special holiday offer is valid until January 11th – if you pay for a year, we’ll add extra 20% of Pro credit! (Note: Free plan users must first upgrade to Pro to see the offer).

By On January 6, 2015


    I signed up yesterday with a unique username and an occasional email address that I use for this purpose. I love the service but…

    The spam is just flowing…all addressed to this username and to the seldom used email address.

    • Hi Joe,

      Welcome aboard. But could you specify what you mean by the e-mail issue (i.e. what are the e-mail’s that are bothering you)? Thanks 🙂