We are looking for consultants to join our Toggl Master program and help our new users make the most of Toggl.

What is the Toggl Master program?

Often big companies write to us asking for advanced onboarding support in setting up Toggl to support their specific needs.

We would love to work with you in helping these companies be successful in adopting Toggl. When these teams ask for help, we’ll put them in touch with certified Toggl consultants in their area.

From there on, it’s your show.

You would be providing the consulting service on your terms, but we are first and foremost looking for clever and active Toggl users who are excited to explain why tracking time goes together with a productive workflow. You would help teams understand how to use our features to the fullest, but also offer advice on how to get their employees to track their time. With carrot more than with a stick.

Of course, we’ll help you along the way by providing materials for getting your consultant game stronger.

How can I join the program?

There are two steps to joining the program:

  • an online test about your knowledge on Toggl
  • a video call with our representative

We’ll be launching the test site soon. If you want to be notified when the test is live, you can join the email list here.

Once the testing site is live, we’ll send you a link to give it a go. It will mostly be about testing your Toggl knowledge, but will also include general productivity related questions.

If you pass the test successfully, we’ll get in touch!


We’re pretty excited about this new program, and getting the Toggl users involved. You’ve offered your help and support. You’ve helped us create new integrations and find sneaky bugs. Hopefully this program will give you something back, letting you be a part of Toggl’s success.