Basecamp Import Available For All!

Basecamp pipes

This is for all of you togglers who like using Basecamp for your project management: you can now import everything over for quick time tracking access!

This new import is a part of Toggl Pipes – an extensible framework for importing and exporting data to and from Toggl.

Currently, the Pipes can import from Basecamp your:

  • users
  • projects
  • to-do lists
  • to-do items

The process is very straight forward and is all done from your Import page:

  1. you allow Toggl Pipes access to your Basecamp account
  2. you tell Toggl Pipes what to import from your Basecamp account
  3. Toggl Pipes does the rest for you!

Click here to see more details in our Knowledge Base. Let us know what you think via the Info button in your Toggl account.

This is just the beginning, though! The best part about Toggl Pipes is that the code is open-source and you can develop your own Pipes in Toggl for your favourite tools as well! The code is published in Github so just get started on the user interface or dive right into the backend.

By On May 22, 2014

  1. Hey Andy – I’m SO sorry to hear that! Our developers looked into this and as of tomorrow, it should be fixed – the only settings that the integration will overwrite will be ones that you can set up in Basecamp, so names and statuses (whether they’re archived or active) basically. On the New vs Old, could you email support[]toggl with more detail, maybe they can help? On the Timer page – can you check you’re using a supported browser – see list: If an upgrade doesn’t help, again do let support know so our developers can take a closer look.
    Thanks a lot for drawing our attention to the issue in the integration!
    Cheers, Liisa & co

  2. What is the problem with you guys? Your Basecamp sync is just unbelievable sh.. – i lost all my configuration settings because of it.

    I don’t even want to start explain what exactly the problem is – there’s a lot of problems.

    For example, if i change settings of any project in Toggl and then turn on auto-sync with Basecamp – i lose ALL settings of this project. It’s team, color, client and so on.

    And it’s not the only problem – there’s a lot of them in the new version of Toggl.
    Old version was much reliable.

    For example, i regularly see my Timer page refresh after i press Start or Stop, and then i lose my last time entry. It’s so annoying, and this last buggy Basecamp update just adds to this frustration.