Backup, Backup, Backup

Hey all,

I found a great overview of the Future of Web Apps convention that took place last month in San Francisco and thought I’d share. Check out the post at Centernetworks.

One of the topics that stood out for me, and I would assume for most Togglers as well, was the issue of backing up data. Because you are trusting our application to hold your valuable meeting and time tracking information, the security of that data is incredibly important.

So, why don’t I explain how we keep your data safe?

First of all, the information stored in Toggl is strongly encrypted. This means unwanted people cannot access your data without your username and password.

Second, we have the data stored at two locations, both onsite and offsite. In addition to that, we also store the encrypted backups on removable media which are kept in a safe place. This significantly reduces the chance of a catastrophe destroying our hardware.

Finally, we do daily backups. Very little information has the chance to slip through the cracks from day to day. In the very unlikely chance the server crashes, we can be back online in a very short time with most of your data intact.

We have been using this backup system for many years at Apprise and have never had an incident or lost any data. So rest assured knowing we are treating your vital work information exactly as we treat our own.

I am interested in how other companies are handling backups? Feel free to comment…

By On October 5, 2006

  1. My only suggestion for Toggl is to support https so that data is kept secure. I really love it other than that.

  2. Hi Ben,

    unfortunately we currently don’t plan on making Toggl installable on customer servers. Never say never, but at least in the nearest year or two there will be no such version.


  3. Will Toggl ever be available for a customer to download and install on their own servers? Take my situation, for example: I work at a large defense contractor, and many of the things we work on are either classified or have to be protected as if they were – including information that would be put into Toggl. I love your tool, but as it stands now, I couldn’t really use it.