Automatic invoicing with Toggl-Margn sync

Now you can bill time entries with easy-to-use accounting software.

Toggl is now fully integrated with Margn accounting software! It’s a new accounting tool that helps you bill time entries, manage receivables & payables, track expenses and see how your company is doing with the help of financial reports. Please read more on their blog.

The process on creating invoices is fairly straightforward:

1. Check time entries in Margn you need to bill


2. Create new invoice


3. Check your income sheet or balance sheet to see how well you are doing



By On January 4, 2013

  1. Each to his own. I actually really like margn as it’s very geeky, looks like it’s designed by an engineer, and simple to use. I have a bookkeeping background so it’s great for me! Love the sync between margn and toggl. I just hope both of these sticks around for a long time 🙂 And if you only do few invoices a month, margn is great cause it’s free for up to 100 invoices a month (until they go paid model some point down the road as most do).

  2. This is a nice step, but I’m not convinced that Margn is unique or competitive enough. Freshbooks or Ballpark are superious products. But, integration with Wave Accounting would be really great. They currently don’t have a time tracking feature and are really an up and coming tool. Just a suggestion. Love Toggl! Thanks!

  3. would be great if you could choose to send over summary information rather than every entry – so the margn invoice would then look more like the toggl report

    i.e. when I click “continue” in toggl, it makes a new entry.. but I’d like all entries with that same name to show up as a single row in margn (rather than a million rows for each and every individual entry or just one single row for all entries)

  4. 1 for Quickbooks integration. I have soooo many clients that would love to use Toggl if it had QB integration.

  5. This is a great step in the right direction guys. Can I recommend you also consider integration with accounting? We use it across 5 organisations already. It’s a brilliant product and would love to be able to generate invoices in it from our team’s Toggl entries.

  6. Before I would be able to start using Toggl to manage billing, you need to add another level of admin control so I can hide team member’s hourly rates from some accounts and show them to others. Right now, I have two Project Managers that I was forced to give access to see everyone’s rates because I needed them to be able to create Projects. That was not ideal, as Team Member hourly rates should be private. More admin controls around billing and pricing are critical to making this work for our company. But we love Toggl! Just suggested an improvement.