Tiina Käärik

Tiina previously worked in the call center for a large ferry operator. Compared to that, she says working for Toggl is a walk in the park. (So if you get her on the phone, try to make her day interesting!) She’s also a professional bass (guitar) player and dreams of becoming a yoga instructor. Go figure.


Rethinking Teamwork (Lessons from CollisionConf 2015)

The best resource your business will ever have, is people. While apps and tools come and go, you’ve got to be kind to your people.

New Addition to Toggl Pipes – FreshBooks!

Exciting news to all of you FreshBooks-loving togglers! Toggl Pipes now allows you to sync data from and to your FreshBooks account.

Toggl Desktop for Mac OSX Has Arrived!


Does the IT sector have too many women already?

According to US Bureau of Labour Statistics, last year 60% of jobs in the technology sector went to women. This is quite an advancement from few years back when female jobs were steadily decreasing in the tech sector. Still, we do not agree that women are taking over the sector. In total numbers there are still less than 30% of women. We feel that turning the trend is a good thing, mostly because of these aspects:

Comfort Zone – Friend or Foe?

The notorious comfort zone – the mystical place that everyone talks about, and where you feel as safe as a child. The promised land of no worries, no fears, no failure. Seems like an awesome place to be, right? Why on earth would anyone ever want to get out of there?!

Bookmarked Reports – Making Your Life Easier

Do you feel that generating a report from scratch each time you need to view data filtered in a certain way is too time consuming? Then Bookmarks is just the feature you need! Bookmarking your reports makes it really easy for you to retrieve them later for yourself, send them to your manager or share them with your team members – even send them to your client who doesn’t have a Toggl account at all!