Marit Martin

Developers fear her for a good reason: she’s tough and demanding. Though she’s worked as a project manager for the best part of her life, Marit is also crazy about good design and modern art.


Want to win an Apple Watch?

We are giving away an Apple watch for your thoughts and ideas to launch our new product- Toggl Hire.


Why Hiring is Broken and How To Fix It With Hundred5

This is a guest post from Hundred5 CEO – the tool that has helped us to find high-quality candidates for all our positions. …

How We’re Hiring Without Reading a Single CV

This is a simple story of how we made hiring easy using Hundred5.   We killed the CV as a hiring tool in 2013 because after spending a ridiculous amount of time sifting through piles of résumés, we regularly ended up with a lot of hard to compare CVS and no way to make well-reasoned decisions. 

Spend Less Time and Money on Hiring

Most companies underestimate the true cost of screening candidates for a job, and very few ever break down their cost per hire to assess the efficiency of the recruiting process.

How We Save Time and Money with Online Pre-Employment Testing

This is a story about how our hiring software—Hundred5—helps us save money.

Our Hiring Secret Weapon Launches New Version

Our hiring tool—Hundred5—has launched a brand new version.

Join Our Study – What Do You Expect from Your Future Employer?

We’re building a tool to help companies rethink the way they look at hiring. Take our hiring survey and help us shape the future how businesses approach talent.  

Why You Need to Be Mixing Your Business Tools

Has anyone ever told you about a product that claims to do everything? Maybe a handy all-in-one pocket knife or one of those one-size-works-for-everyone gloves that can fit both me and my 5-year-old cousin. But while the gloves might fit us both, the experiences will be very different.

Why Do We Outsource Design in Teamweek

As some of you might now, in addition to Toggl, we are also developing an online Gantt tool – Teamweek. Here I share our experience with outsourcing designers for this team calendar app. Teamweek doesn’t have an in-house designer. We have developers, managers, customer support people but no designers. No-one to fire up Photoshop in the morning and make Teamweek beautiful. It might sound crazy at first but here are some good reasons to outsource your product design. When we started working on Teamweek New last year, we had no internal debate about whether we should start another hiring process or contact the best UI designer we know. Of course we called Tõnu.