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Toggl Has a New Home in Google Cloud

Last November, we moved Toggl from our previous hosting provider to Google Cloud.  …

Who’s The Best Back End Developer? Take The Test And Win a T-Shirt

We are challenging all th…

How to Build a Greenhouse?

As you go about your every-day routine, eventually you will come to a point where you’ve just had it. Enough! No more! That’s about an inch from total burnout. So, what will you do? Spend a fortune on therapy that’ll only postpone the inevitable? (Can you afford spending that fortune?) Quit? (Who will pay your bills? And you actually love what you do for a living…) Well, building a greenhouse might be another option…

How To Speed Up Mapnik Tile Generation?

Caution: extremely technical blog post ahead! Bonus points for readers who guess what’s on the picture above. Pre-Prologue In addition to building probably the best time tracking tool there is, we have a few side/pet projects in the house as well. Some quirks do come up from time to time and this is one of them… Prologue A set of tiles needs to be generated from a 80MB+ ESRI Shapefiles, then another set needs to be generated from another 80MB+ file. A blur filter needs to be applied to the first and then merged to the second set of tiles, hence a third, final set is generated. There is a bounding box and tiles are only rendered for three zoom levels, about 7200 images per one shapefile. Box where test runs are made: iMac Core i5 2.7GHz, 20GB of RAM Ideas are somewhat inspired from TopOSM/Details and Mapnik wiki, Ideas_composting