Küllike Kimmel

Küllike likes to travel to strange places - the stranger the better. She also enjoys really active and extreme sports but claims to be a super chill person.


What Overwhelm Is and How To Cope With It

Stories accompany us each day. Whether we realize it or not, our life is defined by the stories we tell ourselves: who we are, what we can do, what we like and what we don’t. These tales can help us live a life that’s full of joy, nurture, and accomplishment. But they can also sabotage us.

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Sign Up For Toggl’s New Beta Tester Program!

Great news - you’re now able to sign up for Toggl’s brand new beta tester program! You’ll be the first to have access to our freshest releases.


Strategic Hiring: How To Build a Screening Test for a Conversion Rate Optimizer Position

This is a story of how we built a screening test for the applicants of the Conversion Rate Optimizer position with Hundred5. …

Save Your Reports to Find & Share Them Easier

Do you hate having to pull the same report over and over? Well, you don’t have to – with Toggl Pro you can save any report for easy access later! Oh and as an added bonus, you can share your saved reports with anyone.

How To Pick Up Better Habits And Change Your Life

It has happened to all of us: you’ve decided that it’s time for a change and feel excited about it. You can already picture how you’ll feel once you’ve turned your life around, you can almost touch it. Then, suddenly time has passed and you find yourself still in the same old rut. If this sounds like you, then perhaps it’s time to improve your strategies.