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He's Mister Code, James Code. He likes to lift heavy weights and dig into hard problems. He doesn't drink coffee and he has three screens on his desk which is too little if you believe him. Also he likes to code them Indie games and mobile apps (


Desktop Team’s Go Loco Week Sparks New, Creative Solutions for Toggl

Go Loco Week is a great opportunity for our developers to learn and work with new technologies, design new features, and just get creative!


Information About Desktop App Syncing Issues on October 1st

How can I fix this now? On Windows and Mac – Get the latest version as soon as possible (7.4.1023) download Windows 32bit…

Our Biggest Mac Release Ever: The New Toggl Desktop App Is Here

The new design for the Mac Desktop introduces a clean UI and more intuitive flow, with the support of Dark mode.


How To Make 12 Apps in 12 Months

In the beginning of 2017, my wife and I decided that we would share the maternity leave and I would stay home for a year. I would take a break from my work on Toggl apps and become a full-time stay at home dad.

Toggl Button Statistics and Pomodoro Timer!

In this post we’ll give you some insight to the usage statistics of different Toggl Button integrations and we’ll reveal our latest addition – Pomodoro timer for Toggl Button.

Toggl Desktop 7.3 Gets Autotracker, Default Projects on the Way

It’s no secret that when keeping pedal to the metal all the time it is usual to have some hiccups along the way. We’ve kept our speed up with the improvements and developments of Toggl Desktop and I am proud to announce another new release – Toggl Desktop 7.3 is here!

What’s new in Toggl Desktop (and Our Plans for the Future)

Once again the summer has flown by in an instant. It’s time to change gears and start flying to new horizons with Toggl Desktop. This blog post will reflect on thing we got done this summer and will show our vision for the near future of Toggl Desktop.

The Summer Of Toggl Desktop

The past three months have just flown by. Once again it’s time to see where we stand with Toggl Desktop. In this blog post we’ll reflect on what we’ve done and what’s in the plans for this summer.

What Is This Toggl Button Everyone Is Talking About?

It has been 3 months since we last posted about the Toggl Button. New superpowers have been added since.

Toggl Desktop Plans for the Next 3 Months

Last week we once again assembled the team of lead Toggl Desktop thinkers and discussed our development plans for the next 3 months. There were so many new ideas that a mere third of them can be executed in such a small period of time.

Toggl Button Family is Growing Fast

How do you know that people are working hard – the only noise they make are the sounds of the keyboard or mouse. I know you’ve noticed that we have kind of kept quiet about the Toggl Button updates. It’s time to share the recent developments of Toggl Button.

Toggl Desktop 7 Update & Future Plans

A new version of Toggl Desktop has just gone live. It has been some time since we wrote anything about it on the blog. Rest assured that we have written a lot in this time of silence, but we have been mostly focused on writing code instead of sonnets.

6 Daily Battles In The Life Of a Programmer

The life of a programmer is hard. I’m not saying other jobs are easy. However, making a living as a developer demands solid effort and consistent focus. Us developers work alongside marketers, designers, managers, content creators, and many others. But, our quirky (and rewarding) lifestyle is often misunderstood.

How To Integrate New Tools With Toggl Button Chrome Extension

Toggl Button is progressing fast. It is doing so largely because the active help of the community. Actually the majority of integrations available in Toggl Button are community contributions. This blog post is a step by step type of guide on how to add integration of a new tool to Toggl Button extension.

How To Finish Projects – Inspired By ZombieRun

                                            The Endless Wall of ZombieRun Post-its   Side projects are great, they take you out of your routine and let you try something you feel passionate about. This is a blog post about indie game side project called ZombieRun. I will give you an overview of different stages of my side project and summarise what to keep in mind, when taking on a similar quest.

Using Toggl Button Chrome Extension With Custom Domains

Toggl Button has integrations with a lot of tools and it keeps adding new integrations all the time. By default Toggl Button supports the default domain addresses on each tool. If company uses their own private server to host the service the Toggl Button default setup is not enough. In this blog post I describe how users can customise the Toggl Button to support their custom domains.

Awesome People Don’t Make Excuses

It’s 6:13 AM and my phone starts ringing. No, it’s not one of my friends coming from a late party, it’s workday and my alarm is making all the noise. I get out of bed and once again put on my running shoes, grab my music player and head to the door. It’s dark, it’s cold and I feel that most bones in my body don’t want to be here. Still there’s no way I’m going back, so I start picking up the pace. What’s actually going on?

Wunderlist Integration & Project Selection With Toggl Button

There has been a lot of changes in the Toggl Button front lately. We took a big step and converted the extension from page extension to browser extension. This means that there is no more page action icon in the right side of the address bar. Instead we have a browser action icon that is always visible just right from the address bar. This change gives us freedom to implement more complex features.

Toggl For Windows Reinvented

For the past month or so we have been pushing hard to improve the windows desktop application experience. We decided that the default window frame look that windows has just isn’t cutting it with Toggl and we needed something fresh. Download it now from here.

The Art of Self-Programming

More than two years ago I joined the amazing team at Toggl. I was one of these guys who thought he knew much, but actually didn’t. I came from the classical PHP, Javascript, MySQL stack and felt quite comfortable with myself. From the trial day at Toggl I was shown that there is much more to learn before I can declare my self as an experienced developer.

Motivating The Toughest Person In The Room – Yourself

Sometimes the inner smile wants to get out It’s the natural course of life that when you’ve been going at twice the speed limit, you have to pull over every now and again. While speeding, you probably felt so invincible that you had forgotten all about the brakes and the slower moving objects around you. When the slowdown happens, though, you might feel uncomfortable and a little lost. It’s absolutely normal to have slower periods. Everyone has them, even Usain Bolt. And you might not believe it, but it is actually a good thing. Often the slower period is the perfect time to step back and reflect on all the speeding you did before.

Developing Multiplatform Mobile Apps From a Single Code Base

About a little more than a month ago I wrote about my experience with writing my Masters thesis from start to finish in small concentrated time frame of 150 hours. In this post I will be giving out more information about the guts of my thesis. I’ll give brief overview of what I did and what treasures and skeletons I met on the way. The title of my Master’s thesis was “Techniques of developing smart phone applications from a single code base”, I thought it was a bit lengthy, but seeing the other students titles with many more words and even multiple rows. I was quite pleased with my compact title.

Addicted to Toggl

Three weeks ago I took a break from all the hard work at Toggl. For this time out I had a very precise plan. As a true engineer I believe in the words of the Big Bill that engineers work best when they have big goals and little time. With great power comes great responsibility, with great focus comes great productivity. The plan was to go ahead with my Master’s Thesis and write it from start to finish in three weeks. The theme for my Thesis was developing multi-platform mobile applications from a single codebase. For proving the concept I had to create some kind of prototype application to describe what should be done when porting applications from one platform to another. 

Office Prank – Boosting Creativity at Toggl

Here at Toggl we have always encouraged our people to take on daring side projects. Side projects are a really good way of stepping out of the box and boosting creativity. Today, after being separated from the Toggl family for three long weeks, I returned to my rightful place at the office. Before once again starting my online timer I noticed that one such side project had been successfully completed while I was away. A workspace every Pink Panther dreams about I was told that the project was a real team effort with a strict time frame and fast execution. Also there might have been some laughs and giggling involved.