Heidi Taperson

Heidi’s a designer who says her goal is to “make Toggl look f***ing awesome.” Obviously, we refused her requests to print the actual f-word. She’s known for presenting well thought out ideas which conform to a document she calls “My Design Guidelines.” It’s usually easier to give in than to argue with her.


Get Things Done with the New Toggl iOS App

Our goal at Toggl is to make time tracking as effortless as possible. Today I am thrilled to introduce you new Toggl iOS app — the simplest time tracker to help you get things done.

The New Toggl iOS App – A Sneak Peek

UPDATE: The winter has come and passed, and our brand new Toggl iOS app came along with it! Get it on the App Store by clicking the button below!

The App That Knows Your Bad Habits (and Isn’t Afraid to Say Something)

If you are too lazy to track your time, then we have good news for you. For almost a year, we’ve been working on a new iPhone productivity app called Superday.

What I Learned About Hiring Designers After Going Through 4,000 Portfolios in 4 Months

About a year ago I began looking for a new in-house product designer for Toggl. Had I known this would take me on a four month wild goose chase around thousands of portfolios, I would’ve done things differently.

6 Problems New Designers Face (and Their Free Solutions)

We asked our designer Heidi to put together a list of free design tools for the cash-strapped creatives. This is how she got started.

What I’ve Learned as an In-House Designer at a Tech Company

Heidi is a former free range creative. While we’ve managed to trick her into becoming an in-house graphic designer for Toggl, she is by no means tamed (nor fully house trained). Here’s a few things she has learned about working for a tech company.